Week 2 of 8 - Speedo Swim Fitness Plan

Hopefully you should feel energised and ready for your next week of fitness swimming!  This week we’re increasing the overall distance slightly.  You will require a kickboard and some training fins for your workout.  These are an essential part of any swimmers’ training kit.

A kickboard (such as the Speedo Elite Kickboard) is a fantastic aid to training as it opens up the opportunity to work on your lower body and focus on your kicking technique, not only will it help to build the strength and power in your legs but it can also help you to focus on your kicking technique, for efficient swimming.  You don’t want to be performing a kick that is resulting in wasted energy, a kick that doesn’t result in forward thrust due to poor technique is a wasted kick!

A good pair of training fins, like the Speedo Fitness Fins, provide the opportunity to increase your fitness and give your cardiovascular system a tough workout as well as improving ankle flexibility, promoting proper body position and helping to develop a good kick technique.  Adding fins to your workout provides much greater resistance, meaning that it’s harder for you to kick with fins on, this in turn gives you a more intense cardiovascular workout providing that levels of exertion remain high.  Using training fins will help to build the muscles in your legs and provide you with a more powerful kick over time.

Speedo Swim Fitness Plan Week 2