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  1. Akron Shark Junior Goggles - Smoke / Fluo Yellow
    Akron Shark Junior Goggles
    £21.99 MSRP £25.99
Akron Shark Goggles - Blue / Fluo Yellow
    Akron Shark Goggles
    £21.99 MSRP £25.99
  3. Nike Kids' Easy Fit Swim Goggles - Pink
    Nike Kids' Easy Fit Swim Goggles
    £13.49 MSRP £16.00
  4. Speedo Sunny G Seasiders Goggles - Red / Cobalt
    Speedo Junior Sunny G Seasiders Goggles
    £14.99 MSRP £16.00
  5. Speedo Sunny G Shells Goggles - Sky Blue / Celeste
    Speedo Junior Sunny G Shells Goggles
    £14.99 MSRP £16.00
  6. Nike Quick Dry Swim Towel
    Nike Quick Dry Swim Towel
    £21.99 MSRP £24.00
  7. Nike Expanse Swim Mask
    Nike Expanse Swim Mask
    £26.99 MSRP £30.00
  8. Nike Voluminous Hair Swim Cap Nike Voluminous Hair Swim Cap
    Nike Voluminous Hair Swim Cap
    £17.99 MSRP £20.00
  9. Nike Kids' Expanse Swim Mask
    Nike Kids' Expanse Swim Mask
    £19.99 MSRP £22.00
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Swimming Accessories

At ProSwimwear, we have all the swimming accessories you could possibly wish for to ensure your swim bag is full with the very best and most useful equipment.

If you haven't got a swim bag yet, don't panic! We have a great selection of bags and rucksacks from all the top brands so that you can store your swimming accessories safely in the locker room or at poolside.

Our swimming equipment really does contain something for everyone. It's worth browsing just for ideas and inspiration - you'll quite likely find an essential item of swimming gear that you didn't even know you needed!

For the serious swimmer, we have a full range of training aids that can be used to help develop your technique and strength during practice sessions.

We also stock a wide variety of swimming accessories that will help your swim feel more comfortable. From ear and nose plugs to specialist anti-chafing creams and hair products, they are all essential swimming supplies that will always come in handy.

You can also check out our special swimming gadgets and accessories such as waterproof MP3 players and stopwatches, or stock up on other swimming stuff such as water bottles, recovery aids and nutritional swimming accessories.

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