AquaSphere Goggles & Swimwear

Founded in Italy in 1998, AquaSphere began life as a company with the mission of creating more comfortable eyewear for swimming.

Using groundbreaking technologies, AquaSphere have pushed the limits and brought many innovations including curved lenses, easy adjust straps and long lasting superior comfort.

AquaSphere goggles are now considered to be amongst the best on the market. Names like Kayenne and the Kaiman have become favourites amongst triathletes and open water swimmers for their leak resistant comfort, clarity and field-of-vision.

But it's not just goggles that Aqua Sphere are great at, as they have expanded to produce a fantastic range of swimwear, triathlon wetsuits, tri suits, swim caps, training accessories and more.

The Aqua Sphere swimwear range has a huge selection of choice for all your training needs, while the Aqua Sphere kids collection features smart and stylish trunks and swimsuits for children of all ages and sizes.

Aqua Sphere is also the brand of choice for Michael Phelps' new range of MP Swimwear.

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