HUUB has more than four decades of experience in endurance sports, specialising in wetsuits for triathlon and outdoor swimming. They strive to create innovative sportswear through a combination of ‘research, science and reality’.

The world's top triathletes and competitors regularly choose to swim in HUUB wetsuits. This includes Alistair and Jonathan Brownlee, Richard Varga, Helen Jenkins, Paratriathletes Phil Hogg, Joe Townsend and Olympic Champion Jetze Plat - plus more elite athletes proud to wear HUUB wetsuits for competition.

HUUB’s collection of award-winning wetsuits and tri-suits have been following a scientific approach spearheaded by owner Dean Jackson, With rigorous drag testing techniques and fusing neoprene technology for added buoyancy, HUUB wetsuits are built for form, fit and performance.

HUUB Triathlon Wetsuits

The HUUB tri-suits for men and women are constructed to aid buoyancy, reduce movement friction in or out of the water and support your stoke technique during a swim event.

Each wetsuit within the HUUB collection has varying neoprene thickness and stretching capability unmatched in the tri-suit market. HUUB’s versatile range caters for all levels of triathlon competition and budgets, from elite performers to intermediates and beginners.

HUUB Swimrun Wetsuits

With it’s inception in Scandanvia, the popularity of Swimrun has soared in recent years. HUUB has answered the demand for new SwimRun wetsuits, by designing a wetsuit with sport-specific features capable of being worn throughout both the swim and run events.

With added front zippers, inside compartments, extra hip flexibility and a hard-wearing leg structure; the HUUB wetsuits for SwimRun have been designed for endurance in the open waters and outdoor activity.

HUUB Accessories

HUUB have every aspect of competing covered, for race day and everything in takes to get there. ProSwimwear have a wide variety of HUUB accessories stocked, including transition bags, swim caps and training aides. Don’t forget to shop our extensive range of HUUB goggles designed for a comfortable feel and maintaining a clear sight wherever you swim.    

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