The Best Race Ready Routines for Swimmers

swimming race

Enjoying continued success at your swimming races isn't just about turning up on a Saturday and smashing it. If only it was that simple!

To get the very best out of your performance on race day, it is essential that you work hard to develop the best possible routines between races, and stick to them.

Here, we share our five top tips for good habits and developing the best race-ready routine.

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6 Top Tips To Prepare For Your First Swimming Race

swimming race

Your first ever swimming race is a big moment, but is also a step into the unknown.

It is an experience you'll always look back on and remember, despite the nerves and anxiety you're understandably feeling in the days and hours leading up to the race.

It's important to embrace and enjoy the occasion, so we've put together six top tips that will take the stress and worry out of your race day preparation and help your big day run smoothly.

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5 Most Colourful Swimwear Brands To Brighten Up Any Swim

colourful swimwear

Are you looking to stand out from the crowd at the pool? Well ProSwimwear have got the swimsuit brands for you!

If you're looking to inject some bright colour into your swimming sessions this year, you'll be sure to find some inspiration among these stunning designs.

We've put together an essential list of our favourite colourful swimwear choices that will be perfect for all occasions from swim training sessions and lessons to holidays and leisure swimming.

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Best Core Exercises for Swimmers With Hannah Miley

hannah miley arena

Increasing your swimming core strength will see you develop greater stability and balance in the water while also being able to maintain a more efficient streamlined body position.

Greater swimming core strength will also give you extra power, both in the arms for your pull and in the legs for your kick.

Here, Olympic swimmer Hannah Miley demonstrates her two favourite drills which have helped improve her core strength over her career. Give them a try!

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How to mentally prepare yourself for a swim race

mental swimming preparation

With all your hard work in the pool complete, it's time to turn your attention to getting your pre-race mental preparation spot on.

All of your good work in the water could be undone if your head isn't in the right place in those final few moments before you approach the starting block.

We share some top tips on how to remove distractions, doubts, worries and anxiety in the build-up to race day, so you can focus purely on the job at hand.

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How To Build Your Own Swimming Kit Bag In 7 Simple Steps

swimming kit bag

Keeping your swimming kit bag fully stocked with all your essential swim accessories is an extremely important part of achieving success in the pool.

You'll have all your favourite kit together, as well as a selection of essential training aids that you can easily grab from poolside no matter what drills or work you decide to focus on.

Whether you're swimming competitively, for fitness or for fun, you can customise your swim bag with all your favourite kit and equipment. Here are our top seven suggestions for everything you need this year.

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3 Training Fin Drills To Make You a Better Swimmer

swim training fins drills

Using swim training fins can really add a whole new dimension to your swim training and help you become a better all-round swimmer.

Check out these three swim sets which have been created for swimmers to build their speed, strength and technique.

We recommend trying these swimming drills wearing fins with a short to mid-length blade. Training fins with a shorter blade allow for more foot speed and proper technique work, so you'll get the maximum benefit from these sets.

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Missy Franklin Pens Emotional Swimming Retirement Letter

missy franklin fina

Five-time Olympic gold medallist Missy Franklin has announced her retirement from competitive swimming at the age of 23.

Franklin was one of the sensations of London 2012 when she burst on to the international scene and won four golds as a 17-year-old amateur.

She followed that incredible breakout performance with another gold at Rio 2016 four years later, but has been plagued by shoulder injuries and has also been very open about struggles with her mental health.

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10 Best New Year's Resolutions for Swimming Inspiration

what is the fastest lane in swimming

It's that time of year where we all like to plan a fresh start. A time to look back at what went wrong over the past 12 months, and what we need to do to put it right.

Like the majority of athletes, swimmers are no different. Swimming is a sport that constantly inspires new goals, bigger targets and a motivation to succeed.

With that in mind, what New Year's resolutions are you planning to make 2019 your most successful year yet in the swimming pool? We've come up with our 10 top suggestions that will inspire you to achieve great things over the coming 12 months.

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What is the fastest lane in swimming?

what is the fastest lane in swimming

Is there such a thing as a 'fastest lane' in swimming? The obvious choice would be Lane 4, where the fastest qualifiers are placed for finals.

We take a look at the facts, the myths and the superstitions to establish exactly how much of an advantage swimmers gain from competing in the middle lanes.

Is it psychological, or is there more to it than that? We have all the answers, along with tips and advice to help you get the right mindset if you're starting from an outside lane.

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