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Womens sport swimwear technology has moved at a rapid rate over the past couple of decades, with elite women's and girls' racing swimsuits now more advanced and streamlined than ever before.

At ProSwimwear, we stock hundreds of the world's best professional swimming costumes which all display the recognisable 'FINA-approved' logo.

The elite swimsuits in our women's sport swimwear range have all met the strict criteria set by FINA on design, material and construction, and guarantee the most impressive performance levels of any tech suit on the market.

FINA allows women's performance swimwear to be either one or two-piece, however they must not extend below the knee, cover the neck or extend past the shoulders. If a two-piece suit, they must also meet strict decency levels.

These rules and regulations also cover girls' competition swimwear. Not only does our ladies performance swimwear meet the strict guidelines, our junior racing swim costumes also comply with FINA's rules and we have an extensive range to choose from.

These swimsuits from top brands including Speedo, Arena, Jaked, TYR, FINIS, Maru and Mad Wave are designed with the competitive racer firmly in mind. Browse our women's sport swimwear range now and find the tech suit that will help you nail your next PB.

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