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FINIS Swim Goggles

 FINIS are developing innovative ways to enhance the swimming experience for many years. They have a wide selection of products developed for people who love swimming. FINIS are known for having a technological swimming accessory, and the FINIS goggles are no different.

The FINIS swim goggles include the strike mirrored goggles, the lightning goggles and the dart goggles. These goggles by FINIS have features such as a low profile which reduces drag in the water. Another innovative FINIS feature is the lens integration technology. This is where the goggles frame and the lenses are fused together to provide an extra reduction of drag.

FINIS mirrored swim goggles are designed with mirrored lenses to reduce the glare in your vision. This also reduces any distortion in the field of vision to give you the clearest view possible. A feature of the lightning racing goggles includes the quick clip adjustment strap which comes with four interchangeable nose pieces for a custom fit. This feature is convenient and can help optimise your goggle fit.  

Swimming goggles by FINIS are a great way to improve your next swim. FINIS also have a variety of other training accessories that can help develop the way that you swim. They have fins, snorkels, training aids, alignment kickboards and many other swim accessories. Some of their more technological swim equipment is personal trainers, electricals and hip rotation devices.

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