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FINIS Training Aids


FINIS are a brand that represent creative and innovative ways to enhance the swimming experience. They are a brand of water lovers who push boundaries with what works in the water. The FINIS collection of training aids is varied and provides different ways to transform the way you train.

The range of products they have within their training aids includes paddles, snorkels, fins, backstroke wedges, buoys, drag and fly swim trainer, Swimsense, posture trainer, stopwatches, drag suits, forearm positioners, hydro hips, temp trainers, swim parachutes, dryland cords, dry tops, ankle straps, and more.

FINIS’s training range is engineered to optimise your every training session. The selection of FINIS training aids are designed to support all aspects of your training. From using buoys and fins to enhance movement and position in the water to using the Swimsense and stopwatches to time your swims and keep record of your progress. The selection provides a choice for everyone in a multiplicity of stages in training. FINIS ensures you can benefit from a workout both in the water and on dryland.

Once you’ve got the FINIS training aid’s you’ll want to complete your collection with other necessary FINIS products. They have a range of swim equipment from goggles, fins, snorkels and alignment kickboards. They also have an innovative range of technological training devices such as personal trainers, hip rotation devices and electricals.

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