FINIS Personal Swim Trainer

FINIS are known for their technological innovation. They have a variety of training equipment that is designed to elevate the way that you swim.  FINIS are swimmers who create products that they would use. The personal trainers by FINIS are great for all levels from beginners to elite.

The collection is composed of the FINIS Swimsense live, stopwatch 3X-300M, tempo trainer pro and the stopwatch 3X-100M. The Stopwatch 3X-100M allows for a constant review by the swimmer as well as watching and recording your pacing. The Tempo Trainer Pro has a setting that emits a beep which is a guide to help you keep tempo when you swim. The Stopwatch 3X-300M has a three line display that allows you to see not only the cumulative running time but as well as the lap running time simultaneously. The Swimsense is the most technological of this collection and is designed for all swimmers. It allows users to gain an insight on the health benefits associated with swimming as well as many more features.

The personal trainer is a great accessory to enhance your pool experience. Why not complete the experience with more innovative FINIS products? They have swim training equipment such as goggles, fins, snorkels, training aids, alignment kickboards and accessories. Some other technological equipment are the hip rotation devices and electricals.

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