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FINIS Swim Fins

 FINIS value the swimming experience meaning their products fulfil what the swimmer needs. They have a wide variety of swim and training equipment from fins to electricals. The FINIS fin collection has a variety in style, design and purpose that can help a range of swimmers.

The variety of FINIS Fins, also known as swimming flippers, includes the monofin, edge fins, footbooties, aquarius fin, long floating swim fins for junior and adult, the positive drive fins, the Z2 gold zoomers, the foil monofin, zoomer training fin and rapid monofin. All of these fins are designed to help you elevate your technique in your next swim.

These FINIS fins improve different aspects of your swim including your kick, position in the water, propulsion, drag reduction and more. Each one has a speciality that can help you enhance the way that you swim. There are fins for both juniors and adults. The selection ranges from long floating junior swim fins help young swimmers swim faster and the FINIS Edge fins designed to build up endurance.

FINIS have great products to aid your swim from fins to goggles, alignment kickboards and training aids. They also have some technological training equipment  such as personal trainers, electricals, hip rotation and even more accessories.

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