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  1. Jaked Kick Pull - Black / Orange
    Jaked Kick Pull
    £18.49 MSRP £20.99
  2. Mad Wave Kids Kickboard - Yellow
    Mad Wave Kids Kickboard
    £11.49 MSRP £14.95
  3. Maru Swirl Two Grip Kickboard - Black/White placed sideways Maru Swirl Two Grip Kickboard - Black/White placed sideways
    Maru Swirl Two Grip Kickboard
    £12.99 MSRP £15.49
  4. Arena Pull Kick Pro -Black
    Arena Pull Kick Pro
    £16.99 MSRP £20.99
  5. Arena Training Kickboard Green
    Arena Training Kickboards
    £18.99 MSRP £23.99
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Swimming Kickboard UK Store

A swimming kickboard is a simple but hugely effective training aid that helps swimmers of all abilities improve their kick technique and leg strength.

Holding a swimming kickboard in the water will keep your upper body buoyant without the need to use an arm stroke, which allows you to turn your full attention to kicking.

Not only does a swimming board help to fine-tune your kick technique, it will also build lower body strength and stamina in the process, as well as promoting a good body position.

ProSwimwear's kickboard swimming store features a huge range of swim kickboards for adults and kids, from all the top brands including Speedo, Arena, TYR, FINIS, Mad Wave, Jaked, MP Michael Phelps, Zoggs and many more.

Our leading brands have all developed unique and professional swimming kickboard designs that will help you get the most out of your training sessions.

It's not just competitive and elite swimmers who will benefit from using them either. A swimming float board is just as useful for beginners and novice swimmers who are looking to build their confidence in the water.

Shop our kickboard swimming store now and choose your favourite design and colour scheme from more than 50 of the very best swimming kickboards available at great prices.

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