Orca Wetsuits

Whether you're looking to compete in triathlons, Swimrun or open water swimming, our extensive collection of Orca wetsuits will have everything you need.

The Orca wetsuits range is known for its variety as well as its quality, offering a broad range of wetsuits to meet the needs of all individual swim styles and budgets.

Founded in New Zealand in 1993 by Scott Unsworth, Orca have spent the past 25 years designing and developing a high performance collection of swimming wetsuits.

Orca Triathlon Wetsuits

From beginner to expert, we have Orca triathlon wetsuits for every ability level and budget. Orca pride their triathlon wetsuit design on being 'by triathletes, for triathletes'.

With innovative Orca design, each wetsuit is equipped with Yamamoto high performance neoprene, Hydrolite panels for fast removal in transitions and Infinity Skin lining for greater flexibility and less skin irritation

Orca Swimrun Wetsuits

There are also Orca wetsuits for adventurous wild swimmers looking for a new challenge or exploring the open water. These hi-tech range of Swim run wetsuits are perfect for athletes looking to master this exciting new sport.

Orca Open Water Wetsuits

Take on nature with Orca’s open water wetsuits, designed for endurance, flexibility and buoyancy. Feel safe at sea in a wetsuit created with visibility and warmth in mind – enough to tackle any conditions you encounter.     

Orca Accessories

In addition to our Orca wetsuits for triathlon and swim run, you'll find a huge collection of accessories including transition backpacks, fins and paddles for your next open water challenge. Need more? Shop the range of Orca goggles and swim caps to complete your collection. 

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