Orca was founded in Auckland, New Zealand in 1993 by Scott Unsworth. He made the decision to start designing and creating his own wetsuits because he found that traditional wetsuits were not particularly good for swimming.

Through groundbreaking designs and swimmer-focused products, Orca have managed to make a global name for themselves over the last couple of decades. From triathletes, to wild swimmers and open water swim clubs, many swimmers now choose Orca for their outdoor swimming adventures!

You’ll find triathlon wetsuits, SwimRun wetsuits and much more amongst the Orca range. From beginner to expert, there’s a swimming wetsuit for every ability level. Aside from the main range of swimmer’s wetsuits, there’s also a great range of swimming accessories, goggles and more! Work on your stroke and improve your times at your next tri or open water swimming event with their swim training equipment including Orca kickboards, pullbuoys and hand paddles.

There’s also the new range of Orca SwimRun wetsuits, for those of you taking part in the growing adventure sport. If you haven’t heard about it already (where have you been?), SwimRun is an event where competitors swim and run (funnily enough) between groups of islands. Unlike “Aquathlon” events where the swimmer only enters the water once, in SwimRun competitors switch several times between swimming and running as they try to traverse the wild terrain and make it to the finish line.  Often done in teams of two, SwimRun began in Scandinavia and has quickly grown in popularity. There are now events all around the world and everyone is excited to take part. Get yourself kitted out with the latest in SwimRun wetsuits, plus all of the accessories that you need for your training and on race day right here at ProSwimwear!

Orca sponsor a number of leading athletes including…Sebastian Kienle, Andrew Starykowicz, åSa LundströM, Dani Molina, Albert Moreno, Sophie Corbidge, Bruno Pais, Jon Erguin, Sophia Saller, Roger Serrano, Peru Alfaro, Simon Cochrane, Alessandro Fabian, Mike Phillips, Cesc Godoy, Sam Betten, Natalie Seymour, Ruben Ruzafa, Sebastian Najmowicz, PaweĊ‚ Najmowicz, Seppe Odeyn, Caroline Livesey, Vicente HernáNdez & Tamara GóMez.