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FINIS Swim Electricals


FINIS are transformative within swim training. An example of their transformation is their Training Aids. They have a wide variety that are engineered to aid and develop your swimming in training. The electrical trainings aids which are designed specifically to enhance your swimming experience.

The electrical products by FINIS are the Swimsense Live, the Duo Waterproof MP3, Stopwatch 3X-300M, Tempo Trainer Pro and the Stopwatch 2X-100M. The FINIS Swimsense Live is a fully waterproof fitness tracker. It is a tracking device that using algorithms to record the most accurate swim workout data, allowing you to maximise your time in the water. The FINIS Duo Waterproof MP3 is built for swimmers with a bone conduction technology that transfers the audio to your ears. They have a variety of stopwatches from the 3X-300M to the Tempo Trainer Pro and the Stopwatch 3X-100M all of them being able to record cumulative lap time.

FINIS have a varied and expert selection of training aids. As well as electricals they have specific swim training equipment such as goggles, fins, snorkelsalignment kickboards and more accessories. Some of the other technological training equipment they have are hip rotation devices and personal trainers.

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