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FINIS Swimming Snorkel

FINIS have been creating great quality swim accessories for years. FINIS are an innovative company working to simplify swimming and create products that excel in the water. Within their varied collection of swim equipment and training accessories, FINIS have a training product for everyone including the ever-popular snorkel.

FINIS have a range of swimming snorkels available from the stability snorkel, the FINIS glide snorkel, the swimmer’s snorkel and the freestyle snorkel. FINIS Snorkels are designed specifically to enhance your comfort and stability when you swim.

With FINIS’s innovative designs they have created snorkels that can provide for anyone during their training, no matter the experience or age. The Stability Snorkel is designed for the competitive swimmer, the Glide and Swimmer’s snorkel is created for any swimmer to use in training. Finally, the Freestyle Snorkel has been specifically developed as a front snorkel for freestyle swimmers.

Why not take a look at FINIS’s great range of training equipment? They also have training equipment such as goggles, fins, training aids and the alignment kickboard. All of these are designed by FINIS in California to help you improve your technique.

They also provide specialist training aids with great technological features – including personal trainers, hip rotators, mp3 electricals and even more accessories.

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