Level X – The New Virtual Swimming Competition introduced by Swim England

Introducing Level X: The new virtual swimming competition! 

Swim England is introducing a new way to for swim clubs to virtually compete! 

In this blog we will tell you... 

  • What exactlty Level X is
  • Who the first clubs competing are going to be
  • How it's taking place
  • How it's scored
  • And what comes next for virtual swimming! 

We will be updating you on the latest Level X news throughout this exciting new journey!

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The International Swimming League Returns for Season 2!

ISL In this blog we will be discussing the return of the International Swimming League! 

The International Swimming sensation returns for season 2!

We will discuss: 

  • How the ISL is making it's return 
  • What will be happening to ensure safety during the current global pandemic
  • Who will be making their return to the starting blocks
  • And everything else you need to know about it's return! 


This is an exciting event for the Swimming Community! 

We can't wait to see what this season unfolds! 

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Rob’s Arena League Round Up: Round 2

In this blog Rob from team ProSwimwear talks about his experience in the Arena League! Rob

This blog will include... 

  • A Q and A with Rob
  • He talks about what the first round was like
  • And what we can expect in the second round of the Arena League!

Read more to get an inside look at the Arena League!

Thanks to Rob from Team ProSwimwear, and good luck to everyone competing in the up and coming events! 

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Superhero Spotlight: Minna Atherton

NEWS ALERT: In this weeks edition of the Superhero Spotlight we take a look at... Minna Atherton! Minna

In this blog you will find out... 

  • Why she is in the Spotlight
  • What her incredible achievements are
  • And then realise she's achieving it all at 19! 

She has been performing incredibly at the ISL lately, and we are proud to give her the spotlight!

Read the full blog to find out more...

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Everything you need to know about ISL and London Roar

In this blog we will be telling you everything that you need to know about the ISL and London Roar! ISL

This will include.... 

  • What the ISL entails
  • How the format of the event is set up
  • And who is in the London Roar team! 

You don't want to miss this blog to get in-the-know about the International Swimming League! 

London Roar make their big debut this weekend and you need to see who is competing! 

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One of our own – ProSwimwear’s Rob talks looking forward to the National Arena League!

In this blog we will be hearing from ProSwimwear's own Rob who is taking part in the National Arena Swimming League! Rob

In this blog we will...

  • Hear about Rob's swimming experiences 
  • Have a Q + A with Rob!
  • Talk about how he's feeling about the National Arena Swimming League!

This one is a blog that you can't miss... 

Read more to hear our very own Rob share his insights into the biggest swimming competion in the UK! 

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Everything You Need to Know About the National Arena Swimming League!

In this blog we will be giving you the run down on the National Arena Swimming League 2019! Arena League

This blog will include... 

  • When the upcoming events are
  • Who is competing in the league 
  • Information about the point systems 
  • And more general knowledge you won't want to miss! 

We want to say we are so excited for this... the biggest swimming competition in the UK!

Good luck to everyone competing!

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Superhero Spotlight: Kayla van der Merwe

NEWS ALERT: In our new series titled 'Superhero Spotlight' we look at recent swimmers in the spotlight!Kayla van der Merwe

In our first installment is sixteen year-old swimming sensation Kayla van der Merwe! 

She had a successful summer winning medals and breaking records!

Not only has her summer of success caught our attention but also what comes next for her!

Read more to find out about her incredible swimming success, and bright future!

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Junior Swimming World Exclusive: ProSwimwear to Release New Speedo Fastskin Endurance+ Range!

In this blog you'll get an EXCLUSIVE insight into Speedo's new Fastskin Endurance+ Range!Speedo World Exclusive

We are very excited about this launch, and we are inviting you into a look inside a the World Exclusive only at ProSwimwear.

You'll learn... 

-When the release is

-What will be different about this new rnge

-And what's to come next! 

Read more to get the exclusive on the exclusive! This new range is going to change the look of Junior swimming as we know it,. 

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Weston-super-Mare Open Water Development Series Starts in Style

Weston-super-Mare Open Water Development Series

The Weston-super-Mare Open Water Development Series was launched in fine style on Sunday morning at Clevedon Marine Lake.

Stormy weather forced the cancellation of the first scheduled event in the open water swimming series a fortnight ago, but there were no such worries this weekend as the lake was bathed in sunshine.

The meet included a 1k taster event as well as 2k, 3k and 5k swims, and has been organised to boost the profile of open water swimming while also helping to introduce it to the next generation of open water swimmers.

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How To Earn Your Swimming Club 5% Cashback on all Orders

ProSwimwear Club Affiliate Scheme

Swimming clubs and swim teams can earn 5% cashback on all ProSwimwear purchases made by their members if they join our Club Affiliate Scheme.

Clubs and squads across the world are eligible to join the scheme, which will provide you with your own dedicated ProSwimwear club page where your members can place orders.

The more they order through your link, the more your club will earn. Sales figures will be available to check online, and you can withdraw your cashback funds straight into your club's bank account (once you have hit your minimum revenue target, which is currently £30).

All affiliate club pages are created in-house, and they can be set up quickly and easily. We can support you in customising your page to suit your club, so it can include a 'coaches page' where you can pass on messages or information to members.

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