5 Reasons To Love The New Speedo LZR Pure Intent & Valor

new speedo fastskin

Excitement has been building over the arrival of the all-new Speedo LZR Pure Intent and LZR Pure Valor, and we've not been disappointed!

At the Speedo Aqualab, the greatest minds in textile technology garment engineering, sports science, computational fluid dynamics, testing protocols and design have combined to produce this next generation tech suit.

Here, we take a look at the all-new Speedo Fastskin LZR Pure Intent and LZR Pure Valor, and list our five top reasons why they will be the fastest and best yet.

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Arena Carbon Air 2 - Introducing Arena's Newest Tech Suit

arena carbon air 2

Excitement is building for this season's arrival of the brand new Arena Powerskin Carbon Air 2 tech suit collection.

There was so much to love about the original Arena Carbon Air race suits, but the prospect of a revamped version offering even greater levels of performance and comfort has really got swimmers talking.

We take a look at three key features which help to make the Arena Carbon Air 2 even lighter and faster than its predecessor.

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TYR Venzo 'Will Break World Records' - Ryan Lochte

tyr venzo

Excitement is building ahead of the arrival of TYR's newest tech suit, the TYR Venzo.

Developed with detailed input from top international swimmers including Katie Ledecky, Simone Manuel, Ryan Lochte and Matt Grevers, TYR are promising that the Venzo will 'redefine performance in the water'.

We examine the suit's innovative race features and hear what the professionals are saying about the TYR Venzo.

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5 Most Colourful Swimwear Brands To Brighten Up Any Swim

colourful swimwear

Are you looking to stand out from the crowd at the pool? Well ProSwimwear have got the swimsuit brands for you!

If you're looking to inject some bright colour into your swimming sessions this year, you'll be sure to find some inspiration among these stunning designs.

We've put together an essential list of our favourite colourful swimwear choices that will be perfect for all occasions from swim training sessions and lessons to holidays and leisure swimming.

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Do Tech Suits Make You Faster?

Do tech suits actually make a difference to your swim times? It is a question asked by many a swimmer over the years.

The importance placed on elite tech swimsuits at top-level competition is huge, but can less experienced swimmers also benefit from them?

We take a look at the technology used and examine just how these suits are able to help you swim faster.

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The Benefits of Using Compression Wear

2xu compression wear

Compression clothing has become hugely popular among professional and international sports stars in recent years, and swimmers are no exception.

Some of the world's greatest swimmers including Adam Peaty, Cameron van der Burgh, Chad le Clos and RÅ«ta MeilutytÄ— have spoken publicly about their reliance on compression wear to help muscle recovery between races.

But what about amateur or club swimmers? Does compression clothing work for them?

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Why elite swimmers choose the Speedo LZR Racer X

speedo lzr racer x

It is the tech suit of choice for many top Olympic gold medallists such as Missy Franklin, Nathan Adrian, Conor Dwyer and Pernille Blume, but what is it about the Speedo LZR Racer X that makes it so popular among international swimmers?

A racing suit with an extremely rich history in racing, the original Speedo LZR tech suit burst on to the scene at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and was worn by 95% of swimmers who won medals.

Since then, Speedo have continued to develop and improve their racing swimwear technology at their Aqualab, so we examine how the LZR Racer X has been designed to be the brand's fastest racing suit yet.

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How Buoyancy Swim Shorts Can Help Your Swimming Training

buoyancy swim shorts

Have you ever considered trying neoprene swim shorts as an alternative training aid to a pull buoy?

Buoyancy shorts help to lift your hips up in the water during training, so you have more time to concentrate on perfecting your stroke technique without having to worry about body position.

But unlike when using a pull buoy, there is no inhibition to your swimming and no feeling of gripping the buoy in place between your legs. Check out this guide to buoyancy shorts and find out how they could benefit your swim training.

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5 Ways To Prepare For a New Swim Season

back to swim

It's that time again where swimmers and swimming clubs start preparing in anticipation of the new swim season.

There will be new goals and targets to chase, along with a fresh feeling of optimism and excitement, and ProSwimwear are here to help you get fully prepared.

We've come up with a list of top swimming essentials that will ensure you're fully equipped and ready to go when the new swim season gets under way.

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How To Find Deals On Clearance Swimsuits

swimsuit best fit

If you are considering shopping for swimwear clearance sale swimsuits to try and find an amazing deal, then you've come to the right place.

ProSwimwear are here to help you find the best possible prices on clearance swimsuits, as well as assisting in making your swimwear shopping experience as easy as possible.

We've come up with three top tips for you to follow when shopping a swimwear sale online, so that you can be sure to pick up the best deal in the right size for you. Follow our advice below, and browse the best clearance swimsuits available.

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