Jacob Peters: Nike Vapor Goggle Review

Our Ambassador Jacob Peters has tried and reviewed the Nike Vapor Swimming Goggles! Jacob Peters

In this blog he... 

  • Tells us about his first thoughts on the product
  • How it felt first wearing them 
  • How they were during the swim
  • And his overall thoughts on the goggles as a product 

Read more for Jacobs review! 

Real opinions on great products by real swimmers! 

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5 New Year's Resolutions for Swimmers

Happy New Year, Swimmers!                                                           New Year Resolutions               

In this blog we give you 5 suggestions of new year's swimming resolutions!

These include... 

  • What mindset you should take into the pool with you this year
  • Adapting your lifestyle to advance your swimming 
  • Where the real competition lies in the water 

These are just advice - but make sure you set resolutions that are best for you this year!

Read more to find out what resolutions we suggest! 

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Top 5 Swimming Goggles of 2019

In this blog we will be taking a look at the top 5 Swimming Goggles of 2019!  Nike Vapor

This blog will include... 

  • Brilliant brands who produced our favourite goggles
  • The incredible features of these goggles
  • A special credit to a goggle who is one to watch! 

Why not take a look at some of the best goggles this year? 

Read more in our blog to find out what they are! 

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The Benefits of Thermal Wetsuits

In this blog we will be looking at the benefits of thermal wetsuits! Blueseventy Thermal Wetsuit

We will be looking at... 

  • Why thermal wetsuits are important in cold water swimming
  • How to find the right wetsuit for your swim 
  • An example of a great thermal wetsuit 
  • The features of a thermal wetsuit 

Cold-water swimming can be fun, but it's important to swim smart and safe! 

Read more about it in the blog! 

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NEW IN: The Supreme Nike Vapor Performance Swimming Goggles

In this blog we are taking a look at the new Nike Vapor Goggles! Nike Vapor Goggles

We will be taking a look at.... 

  • The amazing features of this goggles
  • What is different from their other goggles
  • Find out more about their focus on comfort and having an easy swim 

Read more of the blog today!

And find out why the Nike Vapor Goggles are the best new performance goggles around!

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Comfort in Compression: The Refresh Recovery Tights You Need!

In this blog we will be taking a look at the Refresh Recovery Tights by 2XU! 2XU Refresh Recovery

We will be looking at... 

  • The features of the Refresh Recover Tights  
  • A bit about 2XU and Compression Wear 
  • What wearing the Recover tights could do for you!

Is it time to elevate your post-swim recovery?

Then you should read more about the 2XU Refresh Recovery tights to find out! 

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Find Out What Makes the All New FINIS Training Swimwear This Season’s Must Have!

In this blog we will be taking a look into the new FINIS Training Wear Collection! FINIS Training

There will be.... 

  • A bit about FINIS as a company
  • What you can expect in the collection
  • What you can expect from the pieces in the collection 
  • An in-depth look at the features of the collection! 

So, why not dive into FINIS new training wear today? 

Read more about it in the blog below! 

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FINA Swimming World Cup 2019: Berlin Round Up

NEWS ALERT: In this blog we will be giving an overview of the fifth installment in the FINA Swimming World Championships Fina World Champ

We will be looking at... 

  • Who has won medals in Berlin 
  • The athletes who are coming out on top
  • And see the Rankings from Cluster #2

The FINA Swimming World Championships are getting intense!

Read more to find out about the fifth installment that took place in Berlin! 

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Putting the Action into Reaction: Blueseventy’s Reaction Wetsuit

In this blog we will be taking an inside look at the Blueseventy Reaction Wetsuit! BS3

This will include... 

  • A little bit about Blueseventy  
  • The main features of the suit 
  • What hi-tech features make the suit stand out

So, if you want to find out more about one of the most hi-tech wetsuits around look no further!

Available now at ProSwimwear! 

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Adam Chillingworth: My go-to Kit and Swimming Equipment

In this blog we will hear from Adam Chillingworth about his favourite pieces of Kit and Swim Equipment! Adam Chillingworth

He talks about... 

  • What equipment he most frequently uses
  • Why he uses that equipment 
  • And he explains the benefit of utilising specific pieces of equipment! 

So, if you're looking for a reccomendation of a new piece of equipment - look no further!

Read now to hear more of Adam's knowledgable insight into swim equipment! 

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