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My Swimming Journey: Tips For Swimming Away From Home with Brodie Williams

In this blog Brodie Wiliams will be giving you his tips for travelling away to swim! Brodie Williams Swimming

This will include: 

  • Advice on what to take with you 
  • Some of the first things you do when you get to your location
  • What is important to remember when travelling
  • Sharing his own experiences travelling 

For great advice for your next trip read now! 

Thanks to Brodie for sharing his advice with us! 

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How to stay motivated in swimming with Adam Chillingworth

In today's blog ProSwimwear Ambassador Adam Chillingworth talks about motivation! Adam Chillingworth

He talks in depth about... 

  • Keeping the cycle of motivation going
  • How to stay motivated 
  • Dealing with tough training
  • And ways Adam motivates himself! 

Adam gives some great advice on how to stay motivated from his own experience! 

Read more to find out how to stay motivated this year! 




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Proswimwear Triathlon Ambassador: Meet Jake Keast!

Introducing one of ProSwimwear's new triathlon Ambassadors... Jake Keast! Jake Keast

In this blog he will tell you about... 

  • Who he is as a triathlete
  • Insight into his life as and around being a triathlete
  • Why he enjoys doing triathlon's! 

Give a warm welcome to one of our first Triathlon Ambassadors! 

You can expect more insightful blog posts into the world of the triathlon from Jake! 

Read more to find out about Jake!


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Swimming Goals with Chris Walker-Hebborn

Our ProSwimwear Ambassador Chris-Walker Hebborn discusses how to tackle setting Chris Walker-Hebborn
and keeping Swimming Goals!

In this blog he talks about... 

  • The importance of setting and keeping goals
  • Helpful ways to set goals for yourself
  • How to keep to your goals 
  • General advice in motivation for goals 

So, don't miss out on Chris Walker-Hebborn discussing Swimming Goals!

Read more now! 

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Swim Parent Struggles: 3 Tips to keep your Swimmers motivated in the New Year

The Swim Parent Struggle... how do we keep swimmers motivated in the new year? Swimmer

In this blog we will... 

  • Give you three tips on how to keep swimmers motivated
  • Talk about new years resolutions for swimmers
  • Discuss how to be there in different ways this year 

The new year can be a struggle for everyone!

Read more if you want 3 tips on how to keep your swimmer motivated this year! 

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Jacob Peters: Nike Vapor Goggle Review

Our Ambassador Jacob Peters has tried and reviewed the Nike Vapor Swimming Goggles! Jacob Peters

In this blog he... 

  • Tells us about his first thoughts on the product
  • How it felt first wearing them 
  • How they were during the swim
  • And his overall thoughts on the goggles as a product 

Read more for Jacobs review! 

Real opinions on great products by real swimmers! 

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Welcome Jacob peters!

Please welcome Jacob Peters to the Ambassador Team at ProSwimwear! Jacob Peters Swimming                                                                                                                                   

In his Introductory blog you will...

  • Find out more about his swimming style
  • Find out what some of his achievements to date are
  • And learn about his future goals and ambitions!

So, please give him a warm welcome to the team!

We can't wait to hear more from him, and see what he does next! 


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5 New Year's Resolutions for Swimmers

Happy New Year, Swimmers!                                                           New Year Resolutions               

In this blog we give you 5 suggestions of new year's swimming resolutions!

These include... 

  • What mindset you should take into the pool with you this year
  • Adapting your lifestyle to advance your swimming 
  • Where the real competition lies in the water 

These are just advice - but make sure you set resolutions that are best for you this year!

Read more to find out what resolutions we suggest! 

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The Truth Behind Technique with Adam Chillingworth

In this blog Adam Chillingworth will be telling us the truth behind swimming technique! Adam Chillingworth

He will disucsss... 

  • His personal experience with swimming technique
  • His personal experience with swimming strokes
  • What he believes is key to getting the best technique possible

Adam gives some great advice and wisdom in this blog... you won't want to miss it!

Read the blog now to find out more! 

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Superhero Spotlight: Freya Colbert

In this month's edition of the Superhero Spotlight is Freya Colbert!  Freya Colbert

In this blog we will be.... 

  •  Taking a look at her achievements
  •  What's next for her
  • And what big events could be in store over the next few years 

Read our latest Superhero Spotlight blog now!

We at ProSwimwear congratulate Freya on all of her success and look forward to seeing what she does next! 

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