Chris Walker-Hebborn: The Pressures of Swimming

In this blog we will be taking a look at what Chris Walker-Hebborn has to say about swimming pressure! Chris Walker-Hebborn

This will include... 

  • How he coped with the pressure he put on himself
  • The pressure from competion environments
  • And how the pressure was competing at the Olympics! 
Thanks again to Chris Walker-Hebborn for sharing your experiences with us! 

Read more about Chris' experience today! 

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Rob’s Arena League Round Up: Round 2

In this blog Rob from team ProSwimwear talks about his experience in the Arena League! Rob

This blog will include... 

  • A Q and A with Rob
  • He talks about what the first round was like
  • And what we can expect in the second round of the Arena League!

Read more to get an inside look at the Arena League!

Thanks to Rob from Team ProSwimwear, and good luck to everyone competing in the up and coming events! 

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5 Habits of Successful Swimmers

In our blog today we will be looking at 5 of the habits that makes a successful swimmer. Peaty

We will be talking about... 

  • What habits make a successful swimmer
  • Why you should be practicing them 
  • Why they are important 

If you've ever wondered what things you should be practicing daily to get closer to success...

Then read our blog to find out more! 

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Find Out What Makes the All New FINIS Training Swimwear This Season’s Must Have!

In this blog we will be taking a look into the new FINIS Training Wear Collection! FINIS Training

There will be.... 

  • A bit about FINIS as a company
  • What you can expect in the collection
  • What you can expect from the pieces in the collection 
  • An in-depth look at the features of the collection! 

So, why not dive into FINIS new training wear today? 

Read more about it in the blog below! 

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5 Signs That You’re a Swim Parent

In this blog we will be looking at 5 signs that you could be a Swim Parent... Swim Parent

In the blog we will... 

  • Be looking at the evidence of being a Swim Parent
  • What being a Swim Parent Gives you
  • And discussing the skills being a Swim Parent requires!

This is a blog you can't miss - especially if you these things apply to you!

Read more below and find out! 

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Everything you need to know about ISL and London Roar

In this blog we will be telling you everything that you need to know about the ISL and London Roar! ISL

This will include.... 

  • What the ISL entails
  • How the format of the event is set up
  • And who is in the London Roar team! 

You don't want to miss this blog to get in-the-know about the International Swimming League! 

London Roar make their big debut this weekend and you need to see who is competing! 

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One of our own – ProSwimwear’s Rob talks looking forward to the National Arena League!

In this blog we will be hearing from ProSwimwear's own Rob who is taking part in the National Arena Swimming League! Rob

In this blog we will...

  • Hear about Rob's swimming experiences 
  • Have a Q + A with Rob!
  • Talk about how he's feeling about the National Arena Swimming League!

This one is a blog that you can't miss... 

Read more to hear our very own Rob share his insights into the biggest swimming competion in the UK! 

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Adam Chillingworth: My go-to Kit and Swimming Equipment

In this blog we will hear from Adam Chillingworth about his favourite pieces of Kit and Swim Equipment! Adam Chillingworth

He talks about... 

  • What equipment he most frequently uses
  • Why he uses that equipment 
  • And he explains the benefit of utilising specific pieces of equipment! 

So, if you're looking for a reccomendation of a new piece of equipment - look no further!

Read now to hear more of Adam's knowledgable insight into swim equipment! 

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Swimming for Fitness: A Post-Swim Recovery Guide

In this blog we will be looking at some of the things you should be doing post-swimming for fitness! Post Workout

In this Recovery Guide we will talk about: 

  • How long after your workout you should be doing each stage of recovery
  • What is important to revitalise your body after a water workout
  • Why doing each of these things is essential!

So, don't let your next workout go without Recovery!

Read now to find out more! 

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Fin to Finish: Five Swim Fins to tighten your technique!

In this blog we will be having a look at five sets of fins that can help you tighten your technique!Arena Fins

It will include... 

  • Five different swim fins from major brands
  • How they can help transform your training sessions
  • What each fin can specifically help you work on!

So, if you were looking for a new way to transform the way you train, then look no further...

Fins are an essential part of training equipment, and this blog can help you decide which fin fits you!

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