How The FINIS Stability Snorkel Will Transform Training

finis stability snorkel

The new FINIS Stability Snorkel: Speed has been designed and developed to help competitive swimmers swim at high speeds with an elevated body position during training.

FINIS are the masters of swim equipment, so it's no surprise that this new swim training snorkel is every bit as awesome as its predecessors.

Here, we take a look at the innovative new features on the FINIS Stability Snorkel and see how it will improve your swim training.

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9 Ways To Use a Massage Foam Roller

fitness-mad foam roller

A foam roller can be an incredibly useful and versatile massage aid for swimmers and athletes concentrating on muscle recovery.

These rollers offer a simple and efficient way to apply pressure and release muscle tightness at times when it's not always possible to visit a sports physio.

In association with Fitness-Mad, we look at nine massage roller exercises that will help you get the very best out of this impressive piece of equipment.

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How to Avoid Headaches While Swimming

zoggs swimwear

Have you ever had a headache caused by your swimming goggles? Many swimmers complain of head pain that come from wearing swim goggles, but this is just one of several causes of swimmers' headache.

Well, it's time this stopped! No swimmer should have to endure a banging head when they're enjoying a dip. It takes all the fun out of what should be a refreshing and invigorating sport or pastime.

So we've highlighted the most common causes of swimming headaches along with some simple tips on how to cure them.

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How To Use a Training Snorkel For a Faster Swim

training snorkels for swimmers

A swimming snorkel is one of the must-have training aids for your swim bag, and it can produce great results for swimmers of all standards.

They can be used to improve body positioning and alignment, stroke technique and kicking, along with stamina, speed and endurance.

We take a look at the biggest benefits of using a training snorkel during your session, and pick our five favourites.

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How To Build Your Own Swimming Kit Bag In 7 Simple Steps

swimming kit bag

Keeping your swimming kit bag fully stocked with all your essential swim accessories is an extremely important part of achieving success in the pool.

You'll have all your favourite kit together, as well as a selection of essential training aids that you can easily grab from poolside no matter what drills or work you decide to focus on.

Whether you're swimming competitively, for fitness or for fun, you can customise your swim bag with all your favourite kit and equipment. Here are our top seven suggestions for everything you need this year.

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3 Training Fin Drills To Make You a Better Swimmer

swim training fins drills

Using swim training fins can really add a whole new dimension to your swim training and help you become a better all-round swimmer.

Check out these three swim sets which have been created for swimmers to build their speed, strength and technique.

We recommend trying these swimming drills wearing fins with a short to mid-length blade. Training fins with a shorter blade allow for more foot speed and proper technique work, so you'll get the maximum benefit from these sets.

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10 Best Christmas Gifts for Swimmers Under £100

christmas gifts for swimmers

Are you looking to treat the swimmer in your family or friendship group this Christmas? If you're looking to give them the ultimate swimming treat, then you've come to the right place.

From racing swimwear to the very best in goggles, training aids and equipment, there are plenty of options to help you find that truly memorable and long-lasting Christmas present.

We've come up with a list of our 10 favourite gift ideas for swimmers priced between £50 and £100.

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6 Ways Swimmers Can Stop Goggles From Fogging Up

stop goggles from fogging

Having your goggles steam up is never a good moment for a swimmer, particularly when it happens at the worst possible time.

Fogged up swim goggles can easily disrupt the flow of your training session or, even worse, the problem could strike in the middle of a race.

Thankfully, there are a variety of simple tips and tricks you can use to prevent your swimming goggles from steaming up. We feature our six most popular cures here.

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10 Best Christmas Gifts for Swimmers Under £50

christmas gifts for swimmers

Have you set yourself an individual gift budget for your Christmas shopping this year?

Many people like to set a limit of what they are prepared to spend on each present but, as the big day approaches and you still haven't come up with any ideas, it can be easy to end up breaking that budget.

If you're lucky enough to have a keen swimmer in your family or friendship circle, then you needn't worry any more! We've come up with a list of our 10 favourite gift ideas for swimmers under £50.

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10 Best Christmas Gifts for Swimmers Under £25

christmas gifts for swimmers

Are you looking for inspiration to find the best small gifts and stocking-fillers for the swimmer in your family this Christmas?

You don't have to spend big to find swim equipment that any swimmer can use again and again, all year round.

There are loads of smaller items that make perfect Christmas presents for swimmers, so we've picked our 10 favourite gift suggestions for under £25.

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