RESULTS: The Kona IRONMAN World Championships 2019

NEWS ALERT: The results from the IRONMAN World Championships 2019 are in! Ironman World Champs 2019

In this blog we will be talking about... 

  • The Winners of the event
  • The journey to victory  
  • What one of the toughest atheltic feats had instore for the competitors

This is the moment we have all been waiting for... the results of the IRONMAN World Champs 2019!

We say a HUGE congratulation to every single participant! 

Read more here about the event! 

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One of our own – ProSwimwear’s Rob talks looking forward to the National Arena League!

In this blog we will be hearing from ProSwimwear's own Rob who is taking part in the National Arena Swimming League! Rob

In this blog we will...

  • Hear about Rob's swimming experiences 
  • Have a Q + A with Rob!
  • Talk about how he's feeling about the National Arena Swimming League!

This one is a blog that you can't miss... 

Read more to hear our very own Rob share his insights into the biggest swimming competion in the UK! 

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How Swimming Promotes A Healthy Body And A Healthy Mind

In this blog we are going to be talking about four ways in which swimming brings promotes a healtjy body and mind! Speedo Model

We will talk about... 

  • Four of the things that swimming gives us!
  • How they help promote a healthy body and mind
  • And what it means to have swimming in our lives!

We're appreciating swimming this week in all of its different formats! 

Read more to find out what we love about swimming, and how it promotes healthiness in our lives. 

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Everything You Need to Know About the National Arena Swimming League!

In this blog we will be giving you the run down on the National Arena Swimming League 2019! Arena League

This blog will include... 

  • When the upcoming events are
  • Who is competing in the league 
  • Information about the point systems 
  • And more general knowledge you won't want to miss! 

We want to say we are so excited for this... the biggest swimming competition in the UK!

Good luck to everyone competing!

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Everything you Need to Know about the 2019 Kona Ironman World Championships

In this blog we will be telling you everything you need dto know about the Kona IRONMAN World Championships 2019!Ironman World Championships

We will tell you... 

  • A detailed description of where the race takes place
  • A glimpse into race day
  • And also a look at the race's remarkable history!

The Kona IRONMAN World Championships are held on October 12th!

Good luck to all of the athletes competing! 

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Superhero Spotlight: Kayla van der Merwe

NEWS ALERT: In our new series titled 'Superhero Spotlight' we look at recent swimmers in the spotlight!Kayla van der Merwe

In our first installment is sixteen year-old swimming sensation Kayla van der Merwe! 

She had a successful summer winning medals and breaking records!

Not only has her summer of success caught our attention but also what comes next for her!

Read more to find out about her incredible swimming success, and bright future!

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Superstar Nuria Marques becomes World Champion!

NEWS ALERT: Nuria Marques has become a swimming World Champion at 20 years-old! Nuria Marques

At the World Paralympic Swimming Allianz Championships from the 9th - 15th September Nuria Marques made big waves!

Not only taking home medals she took home an impressive title too! World Champion! 

Read our latest blog to find out more about her incredible achievements! 

Congratulations, Nuria! 

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Swimmer, Survivor, Hero: Sarah Thomas sets Channel Swimming Record!

NEWS ALERT: Sarah Thomas sets a new English Channel Swimming Record with four laps! Sarah Thomas

Heroic Sarah Thomas is a seasoned open-water swimmer and a cancer survivor. 

And now, she is the first person EVER to have completed four laps of the English Channel! 

This is a journey that you won't want to miss!

Read on to find out about Sarah, her incredible journey and her awe-inspiring swim! 

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Swim Clinics with Chris Walker-Hebborn

In this blog Chris Walker-Hebborn gives us an insight into his Swim Clinics!Chris Walker-Hebborn

In this blog you can expect:

  • Chris talking about how he started running Swim Clinics
  • What the Clinics involve 
  • And what lies ahead in the future for him and his Clinics

ProSwimwear are proud to work with Chris, and always pleased to see his Clinics doing well!

All your swimwear needs available at ProSwimwear! 

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