FINIS Training Fins

Three sample swim sets for coaches and swimmers looking to build speed, strength and technique. Fins with a short-to-mid length blade are recommended for all three of the following drills. As opposed to a long-blade fin, a fin with a shorter blade allows for more foot speed and proper technique work, The FINIS Edge fins in particular offer the benefits of a short blade fin without compromising on speed or comfort.

 Swim Drill Speed

SPEED: Starburst Drill

This drill capitalizes on the power of short bursts of high octane speed to build fast-twitch muscle fibers.

1 Round, with a kickboard

2 x 25 (1/4 Sprint, 1/4 Easy, 1/4 Sprint, 1/4 Easy)

4 x 25 (1/2 Sprint, 1/2 Easy)

6 x 25 (Odds=Sprint, Evens=Easy)

4 x 25 (1/2 Sprint, 1/2 Easy)

2 x 25 (1/4 Sprint, 1/4 Easy, 1/4 Sprint, 1/4 Easy)

 Swim Drill Strength

STRENGTH: Tombstone Kick

This drill calls for a small adjustment on a classic training tool: the kickboard. To implement the Tombstone Kick drill, simply turn the kickboard to a vertical orientation and ensure that at least half of the board is submerged. The altered surface area makes for unbeatable resistance and a killer workout for the glutes and hamstrings.

3 Rounds, with a kickboard

4 x 25 (3/4 Easy, 1/4 Sprint w/Tombstone Board)

2 x 25 (1/2 Easy, 1/2 Sprint w/Tombstone Board)

1 x 100 Kick for time

 Swim Drill Technique

TECHNIQUE: Drama Queen Kick

Essentially this is a slow motion, over-exaggerated flutter kick. When utilizing this drill, swimmers should focus on slowing down the kick cycle and dramatically increasing the range of motion. The over-exaggerated technique allows swimmers to more easily tune into ankle flexion and proper body alignment throughout the kick. As a bonus, this drill is also quite taxing on the legs and core – the increased work load of a large kick also makes for a great strength-building exercise.

2 Rounds

2 x 25 Drama Queen Kick (recommended: streamline, no board)

4 x 25 Freestyle, easy

2 x 25 Drama Queen Kick

4 x 25 Freestyle, mid-level effort

2 x 25 Drama Queen Kick

4 x 25 Freestyle, sprint from a dive
FINIS Edge Training Fins


FINIS are specialists in swimming aids and aqua training equipment. Founded in 1993 to motivate people to “swim better, swim often and train smarter.” FINIS produces innovative tools for swimmers to improve their technique through training. You can find regular training accessories like kickboards, pullbuoys and training fins as well as more specific training equipment like the Tech-Toc Hip Rotation Aid, Tempo Trainer, Bolster Paddles and Agility Hand Paddles. FINIS also produce a terrific range of top-end racing swimwear, their latest offering is the the Finis Vapor Tech Suit - Shop for FINIS are ProSwimwear today!

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