Nike Vapor Goggles

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    Optimal perfomance

    The sleek new design has been constructed to produce minimal drag - perfectly built for speed!

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    Unbeatable vision quality

    Optimise your vision during the race with impressive horizontal and vertical view coverage.

  • Nike


    Soft and comfortable

    Features exceptional comfort gasket for fitting facial contours - so you can focus on the race ahead.

  • Nike


    Find your perfect fit

    Customise your goggles with Nike's new nose bridge options for quick and simple personalisation for your face.

  • Nike


    Excellent glare reduction

    Sophisticated mirror lens covering blocks out UV rays and additional glare from in or outdoor settings.

Nike are one of the most established and recognised brands in the sporting world. They craft swimwear and swim equipment that has been worn by successful athletes internationally. Now they are entering a new era of swimming technology by introducing the Nike Vapor Goggles – Nike’s most hydrodynamic goggle ever.

These new breed of performance goggles ensure that you get 'less drag, more speed'. The Nike Vapor Goggle and the Nike Vapor Mirrored Goggle offer high performance qualities. The field of vision is expanded through the use of oversized lenses and the gasket is soft and flexible meaning your performance is enhanced whilst you enjoy the comfort of high-quality goggles.

The elevation in technology in the new Nike Swim Vapor goggles is going to be supreme in changing the way you swim. The Vapor Goggles have features such as an ultra-low profile, soft gasket and a curved lens. All of these features combined make these the improved hydrodynamic and streamlined goggles that will make your next swim your most amazing goggle experience yet.

Nike have been producing quality swimming products for years. They have the industry experience as sports manufacturers, making products that work for athletes who need them. Take a look at the Nike brand page at ProSwimwear and discover what other amazing products they have that could change the way you swim!

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