How To Stop Your Goggles Steaming Up

How To Stop Your Goggles Steaming Up

Stop your goggles fogging up

For many serious swimmers, goggles are an important part of their kit. They allow you to keep your eyes open while you swim so that you can continue to see where you are going, an important point when it comes to the turn. Not only that, they also prevent any of the chlorinated water from getting into your eyes. They are such an intrinsic part of swimming gear that you will never see a serious swimmer without their goggles. In fact, you might even see some of the world champions with a couple of spare pairs of them at the beginning of a race!

But there is nothing worse than when your goggles start to steam up while you are in the pool. If this happens halfway through a race, it could jeopardise your chances of getting one of the top positions! So, is there any way, you can stop your goggles from fogging up? You’ll be happy to hear that there are a few different things you can do! Here are just a few of them.

Anti-Fog Spray

There are a couple of ways to stop your goggles from fogging up that are either free or use items you already have in the house but for the price of a morning coffee you can buy anti-fog products that have been specially formulated to ensure clear vision for the duration of your swim session.

Goggles steaming-up is a huge problem for swimmers so there are a number of brands now manufacturing anti-fog products. Popular swimming brands, such as Arena and and TYR, now have their own anti-fog sprays. To use the spray, you just need to spray it into your goggles and then rinse it out before you put them on. It’s necessary to rinse the spray out so that it doesn’t get in your eyes while you’re swimming.

Spit In Them

Ok, so this may sound gross, but you will be surprised to hear that it really does work wonders! Plus, it is completely free, so swimmers of all budgets will be able to stop their goggles from misting up using their own saliva. It is also a very safe option - after all, would you want to put some strong chemicals into your goggles just because they helped to demist them? Not if you wanted to guarantee the safety of your eyes! By adding a layer of moisture to the lenses in the goggles, saliva is a very quick and cheap option that all swimmers take advantage of.

Use Some Toothpaste

This is another very surprising way to stop your goggles from steaming up, but lots of professional swimmers like to carry a small tube of toothpaste around with them. Rubbing a thick layer of toothpaste onto the lense of the goggles will effectively prevent any condensation from forming on them. Just remember to be very gentle with your fingers when you do rub something onto your goggle lenses. Most lenses these days come with an anti-fog coating, but this can get rubbed off very easily if you rub too hard!

Hopefully, this blog post can help you solve the age-old problem of fogged-up swimming goggles! And then your swimming practice will greatly improve!

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