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  1. FINIS Rival Jammer - White

  2. FINIS Rival Jammer - Navy

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  3. FINIS Rival Jammer - Black

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  4. FINIS Rival Openback Kneesuit - Black

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  • FINIS Rival 2.0
  • FINIS Rival 2.0

  • FINIS Rival 2.0


    Glide through the water
    with hydro-repellent fabric.

    The fabric is expertly made to retain the smallest amount of water possible. This causes a shield-life effect to reduce drag while you swim for a perfect streamlined performance.

  • FINIS Rival 2.0


    Intelligent seam

    The seams of the Rival 2.0 are used intelligently to strengthen the fabric and enhance compression where you need it most. Innovative seams on the back of the thighs help support and lift the hips to aid your swim position.

  • FINIS Rival 2.0


    High tech fabrics for
    enhanced performance.

    This impressive fabric is optimised with so you can glide through the water with ease. The unique weave of the fabric and multidirectional stretch makes the suit extremely durable, to withstand anything that gets thrown your way.

  • FINIS Rival 2.0


    Flexibility where you
    need it most.

    For an increased range of motion, FINIS have incorporated single-layered panels in the inner thigh. This suit will move with your body to adapt for every swim stroke, it will give you the flexibility you need to succeed.

  • FINIS Rival 2.0


    Compression panels
    for targeted muscle groups.

    The vertical chest seam creates compression which in turn prevents air pockets from accumulating. This creates better hyrdrodynamics for a faster more powerful swim. The cutout beneath the chest allows for extra breathing room to make sure you are getting the oxygen you need for your race.

  • FINIS Rival 2.0


    Complete support
    for swim position.

    With a complete compression system around the obliques and lower abdomen, your entire core is supported. This will give you the strength you need to keep the optimum swim position for your race.

The Rival is an elite-level technical racing suit designed using three main principles: compression, robust seam structure and fit.
FINIS have used these fundamentals to produce their fastest tech suit yet, providing swimmers with a performance swimsuit that is backed up by research and innovation.

The Rival competitive kneesuits and jammers from FINIS are constructed using two fabrics: a one-way stretch fabric increases compression, while a two-way stretch fabric allows optimal range of motion.

The two-way stretch fabric allows a range of motion by stretching equally in both directions. It is applied to curved areas of the body – like the chest and glutes. It has a textured surface, which means water can move freely over and around the suits without breaking flow.

The performance fabrics in the FINIS Rival tech suits work together to support the body and enable muscle efficiency. Providing you with enhanced performance when you need it the most!

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