FINIS Rival 2.0 Open Back Kneesuit - Black

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Introducing the next generation of elite-level tech suit from FINIS. This stunning black FINIS Rival 2.0 Openback Kneeskin is made from an innovative new Shield-Tech™ fabric which has designed to be tougher and faster than ever before.

With flexible hip panels increasing freedom of movement and strategic seams to enhance core compression, the FINIS Rival 2.0 is packed with advanced features to make sure you perform at your very best on race day.

The FINIS Rival 2.0 kneeskin is FINA approved for competition use.

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The new FINIS Rival 2.0 Openback Kneeskin in black is the next generation of elite-level tech suit to come out of the FINIS Stroke Lab in California.

Designed and developed in association with Olympic swimmers including Olivia Smoliga, FINIS have perfected the fit of these kneeskins while enhancing performance and developing a hi-tech new fabric.

This innovative Shield-Tech™ fabric is made to be tough and fast. It features a unique weave method, and has been optimised for gliding through the water.

By retaining a small amount of water, the FINIS Rival 2.0 kneeskins create a shield-like effect that reduces friction and delivers an even faster and more streamlined swim.


  • Vertical chest seam provides compression and prevents air pockets, while the fabric cutout beneath the chest provides breathing room
  • Flexible hip panels suit all strokes. Range of motion is increased thanks to single-layered panels on the inner thighs
  • Complete compression system. Lower abdomen and oblique seams combine to provide enhanced compression throughout your entire core
  • FINA approved for competition use


  • Developed using a unique weave method makes this tech suit tough
  • Retains a very small amount of water to create a shield-like effect and reduce friction
  • Multidirectional stretch properties move with your body
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