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  • Arena Carbon Flex VX
  • Arena Carbon Flex VX
  • Arena Carbon Flex VX


    Carbon bands fabric.

    Horizontal carbon bands allow for extra, lighter compression in areas of overextension for added core stability and power.

  • Arena Carbon Flex VX


    One piece construction.

    A Second Skin - Made with only one piece of fabric and one bonded seam, this kneeskin offers extreme comfort and reduces any restriction of movement

  • Arena Carbon Flex VX


    Internal lining.

    Constructed with 3 inner panels for greater freedom of movement and a lighter weight to improve glide. Suits for women have less compression in the chest for an easier breathing style. For men's jammers, there is increased freedom around the hips and hip flexors.

Arena Powerskin Carbon Air 2

The Arena Carbon Air just got even better! Redesigned for even greater levels of performance and comfort, the new Arena Powerskin Carbon Air 2 collection has built on the success of its predecessor.

Also known as Carbon Air Squared, this new Arena Carbon Air 2 features integrated horizontal carbon bands which help provide a lighter and more comfortable compression in all vital areas.

Because it's made from just one piece of fabric, the Arena Carbon Air 2 doesn't have multiple seams. This ensures the tech suit absorbs less water, which means reduced drag and a faster hydrodynamic shape to glide cleanly through the water.

Putting the Arena Powerskin Carbon Air 2 on has become even easier and, once it's on, it feels just like a second skin. It also has an internal lining featuring three separate panels, which provides even greater freedom of movement.

Available as jammers or kneeskins, the Arena Carbon Air 2 will take your race performances to the next level. Compression never felt so comfortable! You can read our blog article to find out more about the Arena Carbon Air 2.

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