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ALL SPORT Anti-Chafe / Anti-Friction continuous spray skin lubricant.

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TRISLIDE - multipurpose continuous spray lubricant for athletes

 Eases and greatly decreases time of putting on and exiting from wetsuits and tecnical swimming suits


  • significantly eases putting on and exiting from swimsuits

  • provides better fitted outfit - swimsuit material doesn’t roll and perfectly fits to the body

  • reduces the risk of torn and damaged swimsuit, significantly increasing its longevity – thanks to the TriSlide putting the swimsuit on requires less strength

  • an innovative and efficient silicon-based product, in a convenient aerosol spray can

  • completely safe in contact with swimsuit – it doesn’t absorb into the material and doesn’t leave stains

  • excellent skin protection properties - prevents chafing and irritation and soothes existing skin damage

  • silky smooth skin, without the unpleasant feeling of viscosity

  • completely sweat proof and water proof, lasts for hours

  • easy to wash off with water and soap

  • fully hypoallergenic and safe for your skin

  • used in many sport disciplines, e.g.: swimming, running, cycling



Spray TriSlide in the areas that are exposed to the friction – knees, hips and shoulders. After applying the product put your swimsuit on and TriSlide will distribute itself over the skin, helping you to quickly get into your suit. In order to remove TriSlide from skin use water and soap.

We can only deliver to UK addresses due to shipping restriction with product, due to postage restrictions we can only ship 2 units per orders

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