Speedo Pullbuoy - Mash Up Turquoise / Lime Punch

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Build your upper body strength and improve your arm technique with this stylish Speedo Elite Pullbuoy, no matter what your preferred swim stroke.

An essential training aid for swimmers of all abilities, this lightweight EVA foam pullbuoy offers increased buoyancy and promotes a more efficient body position, helping you to swim further for longer.

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This colourful Speedo Elite Pullbuoy is designed to help you develop your upper body strength and allow you to focus on your arm technique.

An essential training aid used by pros and amateurs alike, this pullbuoy can be used with any stroke to isolate the muscles in your upper body. It forces your upper body to do the work of propulsion, which increases arm and shoulder strength.

Speedo have expertly designed this pullbuoy to increase your buoyancy in the water. It lifts your lower body higher, reducing drag to increase speed and efficiency.

The Speedo pullbuoy allows you to focus on specific areas such as stroke technique and breathing, making it ideal for learning new drills and technique work.


  • Designed to isolate the upper body
  • Improves strength and technique
  • Buoyancy aids a good body position in the water
  • Colourful turquoise and lime print stands out
  • Improved comfort and rounded design
  • Made from EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) foam
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