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Swimming & Sports Nutrition

At ProSwimwear, we understand the importance of sports nutrition for swimmers to help produce the best results in the swimming pool.

We stock a fantastic range of energy gels, drinks, sport nutrition bars and bites for all occasions. Whether you need an instant energy boost before training, to maintain your energy levels during a workout, or to refuel after you finish, we'll have everything you need.

Choosing the right sports nutrition for swimmers before, during and after exercise can not only improve performance and efficiency, but can also speed up recovery times.

We stock nutritional supplements from top sports nutrition brands including Clif, GU, TORQ, Bounce, Honey Stinger and nuun.

All the products in our new online sports nutrition shop have been hand-picked because they provide professional, healthy and tasty energy boosts for swimmers on the go — perfect for when you're in the middle of a tough long training session or a busy day of competition. Our range of active sports nutrition bars and energy gels will provide those vital energy boosts that will keep you performing at the top of your game for longer.

Sports nutrition for swimmers is available in many forms including bars, bites, waffles, balls and tabs. No matter how you prefer your energy boosts, we'll have the right one for you. Shop our swimming and sports nutrition range above and maximise your productivity during racing and training.

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