Maru Junior Pull Buoy - Pink / Lime / Blue

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Superb buoyancy and a hydrodynamic design, the Maru Junior Pull Buoy in pink, lime and blue provides the user with an enhanced swim session. This tool can be used to focus training on the upper body whilst in the pool.

A pullbuoy is an essential piece of kit for your child's swimming lessons or swim club sessions.

The Maru Junior Pull Buoy is perfect for providing the optimal amount of buoyancy when training in the pool. Due to the hydrodynamic shape and design it allows improved water flow. Which in turn reduces friction on the thighs when in the water resulting in a more comfortable and streamlined swimming session for the user.

This buoy is a useful tool to improve upper body strength and technique when training. The pull buoy isolates the legs and provides buoyancy, pushing the main focus of the workout to the arms.

Material: 100% EVA Foam

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Product-Type Aids - Pullbuoys
Season AW16
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