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FINA Approved. The Mad wave Forceshell ladies competitive swimming costume is designed for speed and performance! Every part of the swimsuit has been meticuously designed to help you to out-swim the competition and swim to victory in your next race. 

Made with the new 'Lotus' fabric, one of the most advanced racing swimwear materials on the market.

The FINA Approved Forceshell kneesuit from Mad Wave is new for 2015.

The Mad wave Forceshell kneesuit is made with the new Lotus fabric, one of the most advanced swimwear materials available.

A reinforced "Poly Shell" gives advanced compression, polyester yarns are used to make a hydrodynamic mesh structure across the surface of the suit.

The structures enables it to produce high levels of muscular compression whilst keeping the swimsuit extremely light.

Micro perforations and the hydrodynamic mesh reduce water resistance, allowing the swimmer to move faster through the water

The Lotus material has a "Plasma Nano" coating which makes the fabric hydrophobic. This means that the material actively repels water, reducing the friction between water molecules and the surface of the swimming costume.

Welded structure for perfect fit and increased glide distance. (Bonded seams)

A Teflon coating helps the swimmer cut through the water

56% Polyamide 44% Elastane

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Product-Type Womens - Kneesuit
Season SS16
Fabric Performance
Approval FINA
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Cap Material No
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Mens Size No
Boy's Size No
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Shoe Size No
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