Girls Swimwear Buying Guide

 Girls Swimwear Guide


Welcome to the girls swimwear buying guide at ProSwimwear.  This page offers tips and advice on buying your girls swimsuit from our online swim shop.  Lets get started with sizing...




We offer all the most popular swimwear styles.  Whether its a traditional style swimming costume, a knee length swimsuit or two piece bikini we've got something for everyone!  Our range of girls swimwear includes colourful, fun swimwear prints for your little ones as well as plain solid colours and sensible swimsuits for teams and club swimmers.

These are the traditional type of swimming costume that we all know and love.  There's a huge variety of styles and colours, leg heights and back types out there to choose from.  At ProSwimwear we stock a range of over 500 girls swimming costumes to provide you with the best possible choice of styles, colours, designs and prices.

A newer style of swimsuit.  Provides more coverage than a traditional swimming costume and extends down to just above the knee.  We've seen a huge increase in popularity for the girls kneesuit in recent years.  Swimmers like them because they're extremely comfortable to wear and often help to reduce feelings of self-consciousness on poolside.
Kneesuit swimwear goes by many names; Kneeskin, Knee Length Swimsuit, Boyleg Swimsuit and Legsuit to name just a few.

Two piece swimming costumes are usually more at home on the beach than at the pool.  However, our range of swim bikinis are designed for active use (not just for sunbathing).  We stock a range sporty swim bikinis in junior sizes featuring fun and colourful designs.


Girls Kneesuits  Girls Swimming Costumes  Girls Bikinis



The first step in the buying process should always be to measure the swimmer!  Failing to do this can result in buying the wrong size and having to wait longer while your swimsuit is sent back to be exchanged for the correct size. 

We always recommend taking measurements for chest, waist and hips before you start shopping.

The girls swimwear on our website spans from infants to teenagers. 

Most suits are sized by age, or by standard UK sizes.
Girls Sizing Chart
You will find  one of these sizing charts on EVERY product page on our website.
Make sure that you check the exact sizing chart for the product that you'd like to purchase.  Sizes differ between different brands, a size 24 in Speedo might not be the same as a size 24 in Zoggs.

Use the measurements you've taken and match them up as closely as possible with the sizing chart.

If you're having trouble with sizing then you can contact our customer services team for a helping hand.



When choosing your swimming costume it's a good idea to look in to what type of materials the swimsuit is made from.  This helps you get the most value for money out of your new costume.

Certain materials are designed to last longer in chlorinated water, giving you more swims for your money.  On the other hand, some materials provide a softer more luxurious feeling against the skin and a better fit but wont last quite as long after exposure to chlorine.

Any swimwear made from Polyester or PBT based fabric blends will last far longer than swimming costumes made from traditional Lycra material.  They keep their colour and shape much better than Lycra based swimsuits. Swimmers who are in the pool regularly love to buy PBT swimsuits because they can keep on going for years, whereas a Lycra suit is better suited to occasional swimmers.  We highly recommend buying a PBT swimsuit if your child swims more than once a week. 

Famous lines of chlorine resistant swimwear include:

Speedo Endurance+

Arena Waternity

TYR Durafast

Zoggs Aqualast

Some brands such as Amanzi make ALL of their swimwear from Polyester based materials.

Lycra (otherwise known as spandex) has been the most popular swimsuit material since Speedo started using it in the 1980's.  Lycra suits have more stretch and offer greater comfort than their Polyester counterparts but will wear out much more quickly.  If your priorities are unbeatable comfort and an excellent fit then Lycra is a good choice. Browse our Lycra Swimwear range today!

Xtra Life Lycra
Xtra Life Lycra offers a slightly longer swimsuit life than pure Lycra.  The material has undergone special treatments to resist fading and sagging.  This material fills the gap between PBT and pure Lycra swimsuits very nicely.  With Xtra Life Lycra you can get a comfortable swimsuit with excellent fit that won't fade and stretch too quickly.

To see swimwear made from a particular type of material you can use our 'Sort by' options on the left hand side of any page to choose the swimwear fabric of your choice.

Swimwear Material



Back and Strap Styles

There are literally hundreds of back styles out there and new ones are being created every year.  For example Speedo offer a wide range of back styles for their swimming costumes including racer back, energy back, drop back, extreme back, fresh back, fly back and so on...

Openback Swimsuit  Closedback swimsuit

Open Back                                                                   Closed Back

To make things simple we'll just focus on the two main styles.  “Open Back” and “Closed Back”.  All back styles will be variations on these two main styles and will include either thick or thin straps in their design.

Thick Straps

Thick strap swimsuits provide extra coverage and a secure fit, making them a great choice for young swimmers.  Wide straps will provide a more secure fit for smaller frames on younger swimmers.

Thickstrap Swimming Costume

Thin Straps

If you're child or young teen is at the stage where they're attending training sessions a few times a week then they'll most likely enjoy a thinstrap swimsuit. Swimmers have reported that they get a better 'feel' of the water when they wear a thinstrap swimming costume. They give more freedom for the arms and shoulders and can be more comfortable during long swim sessions. Thinstrap Swimming Costume


Junior Performance

We stock junior technical racing swimwear from top brands like Speedo, Arena and Maru.  We pride ourselves on offering the largest range of FINA approved swimwear in Europe.

Performance swimwear is designed to minimize resistance in the water and support the swimmers body during the race.  There are several junior-specific competitive swimsuits in our collection.

Below are three excellent junior racing suits from our range:

Speedo Junior Swimsuit  Blueseventy GIrls Swimsuit  Maru XT3 Swimsuit

 And if you want a junior FINA approved swimming costume that won't break the bank then take a look at our Yingfa FINA approved range.




Navigating our site is simple.

All of our girls swimwear is split in to sub-categories.  Find these categories in our navigation menus.

As you browse the website in search of your ideal swimsuit, take note of the options on the left hand side of every page.  You will notice there are two main sets of options.  “Categories” and “Shop By”.  You can use these options to help narrow down your search so you don't end up having to scroll through pages of products that might be irrelevant to you!

You can really take control and streamline your shopping experience by using these options in the right way.

Girls Swimwear Categories  Girls Shop By Options

For Example:
Say I wanted to find a girls kneesuit in size 26 that is made from PBT.  I would use the “Categories” options to navigate my way to Girls>Kneesuits.  

I would then use the “Shop by” options to select Womens/Girls Swimwear: 26 and Swimwear Material: PBT.

The website will then show me ALL size 26 kneesuits made from PBT.



 What Are Your Priorities?

Are you looking for excellent value for money? Then head on over to our clearance section.  Prices for girls swimwear start from around £4.49!

Are you looking for the latest swimwear styles? Then check out our “New Swimwear” section to browse all the latest swimwear from the world's top swimming brands.

Do you want a colourful and fun swimming costume? We've got a special category for the most colourful and vibrant swimwear prints!



Our customer services team are ready and waiting to help you in your shopping experience!

Contact us by phone, e-mail or live chat for help with buying a swimsuit from ProSwimwear - Europe's Largest Competitive Swimwear Store

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