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  1. TYR Avictor Omaha Nights Open Back Kneeskin Swimsuit - Black/Red

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 TYR have been hard at work with the world's top swimmers and leading experts in swimsuit design to create the TYR Avictor Tech Suit. The Avictor suits contain an impressive array of advanced features designed to maximize the performance of the athlete, providing a distinct advantage both physically and mentally.

This suit has been FINA approved for racing in official swimming events. The technical swimsuits feature innovative technologies to help shave milliseconds off your PB. You'll find high water repellency, muscle compression, and drag reduction as standard in these TYR competitive swimsuits.

The Avictor 'Prelude' features a fashionable multi coloured design, no other FINA approved jammers or kneeskins look as good as these!

The new racing suits also come in blue/pink and grey/red versions so stay tuned for more information on colour combinations!

create a hydrosphering effect in the pool, meaning that water flows around the suit with a cushion of air between suit and water (air creates less drag than water), thus making the swimmer go that little bit faster!

All this combined with advanced bonding techniques that allow a full range of motion but provide excellent compression makes the TYR Avictor stand out from the crowd!

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TYR Avictor Kneesuit Fitting Guide


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