• Jaked J-Komp
  • Jaked J-Komp

  • Jaked J-Komp


    3D Compression System

    The J-Komp is made with Jaked's exclusive Smart Fabric featuring a 3D Compression System. This system improves blood circulation around the swimwear by varying medium to high compression.

  • Jaked J-Komp


    Technical Taping

    This swimsuit features innovative illuminating taping instead of a standard sewing seam finish which acts to support your body in the right areas, whilst reducing drag.

  • Jaked J-Komp


    Water-Resistant Coating

    Coated in Jaked's fluorocarbon water-resistant coating, the J-Komp reduces typical water absorption to create swimwear with quick drying properties and great hydrodynamic results.

  • Jaked J-Komp


    Light & Comfortable

    The suit is light in the water and when wearing with the added comfort from the fabric. This will aid your stroke movement and momentum with the elasticated textile.

  • Jaked J-Komp
  • Jaked J-Komp

The Jaked J Komp tech suits have been constructed to give you intelligent variable compression system that provides a precise combination of both hard and medium compressions panels, designed to optimize the compression to your key muscle groups.

This intelligent fabric design compresses the muscle fibres with variable power to assist the blood circulation and increases the oxygenation of the muscles.

Jaked have fitted the J Komp racing suits with carefully placed taped seams that support your muscles, limit the flexibility of the fabric, provide a much closer fit, streamline the upper legs and increase the compression provided.

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