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Body Glide Anti Chafe Balm

Body Glide is the No.1 choice for swimmers looking to protect their skin from chafing, painful irritations or general rubbing.

Over the past 20 years, the California company has developed the most technically advanced skincare protection that prevents blisters, rashes, raw skin and chafing.

BodyGlide Original Anti-Chafe Balm is hugely popular across the world. It forms a dry, invisible barrier on the skin that protects against friction and rubbing while offering protection from heat and humidity.

This anti chafe balm is particularly popular among salt water swimmers, cyclists and triathletes, and there are other Body Glide balm choices specifically aimed at men and women. Body Glide even make an anti-saddle sore balm especially for cyclists!

BodyGlide Original Anti-Chafe Balm will allow you to enjoy your activities and day-to-day routines without hassle.

Made with allergen-free plant-derived ingredients whilst being child safe, this Body Glide anti chafe balm is quick and easy to apply. It's never greasy or wet when used, and it washes off with mild soap.

As an official Body Glide UK store, ProSwimwear stocks a full range of specialist moisturising balm for swimmers and triathletes at great prices. Shop our BodyGlide UK collection now and start swimming in complete comfort.

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