Which Arena Powerskin Suit is Right for You?

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  • Arena R-Evo ONE
  • Arena R-Evo ONE
  • Arena R-Evo ONE


    For uniform stretch throughout the suit.

    Made with only one piece of fabric and one bonded seam, this Powerskin offers extreme comfort and freedom of movement for your swim.

  • Arena R-Evo ONE


    For an enhanced glide.

    The R-Evo ONE uses a cutting-edge, high-quality, incredibly lightweight woven fabric. The super lightweight fabric, in combination with the absence of multiple seams, creates an advanced hydrophobic effect, so that you glide through the water with minimal resistance.

  • Arena R-Evo ONE

    PUT ON

    For less stress pre-race.

    The R-EVO One is both stretchy and supportive due to it's fabric construction - this makes it a unique performance suit that is quick to put on and remove.

  • Arena R-Evo ONE


    For a clean effortless swim.

    The Fabric itself is water repellent, and the absence of multiple seams results in even less water absorption. This in turn decreases drag, for a clean, effortless swim.

  • Arena R-Evo ONE


    The R-Evo ONE combines comfort and compression.

    The one-piece construction allows for an even distribution of compression and stretch for that second-skin feel.

Arena Powerskin R-Evo One

The R-Evo One is the latest competition race suit from Arena to offer you maximum performance and give you the edge over the competition.

Featuring Arena's ONE - Single Piece Design technology, the R-Evo One competition swimsuits are created from a single piece of fabric and a single bonded seam at the back. This creates a uniform compression but does not restrict movement, as a result, the R-Evo feels like a second skin.

The high-quality, finely woven, yarn used in the construction of this piece of performance swimwear is ultra-light and thanks to its advanced hydrodynamic aspects the Powerskin R-Evo One absorbs little water, effectively reducing drag and improving glide.

The tech suit is supportive whilst also remaining compliant enough to comfortably, easily put the suit on as the material, ONE technology and the single seam allow for easy access to the suit without compromising on compression or increasing the risk of snagging.

Available in a variety of colourways and as either a kneeskin or a jammer now is the time to elevate your swimming performance with the Arena Powerskin R-EVO ONE.

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