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Created as a partner for the world-record breaking Arena Carbon Pro, The Arena Powerskin Carbon Flex is part of the market-leading Carbon swimsuit series. Arena now have several models of carbon technology suit on the market, offering swimmers diverse options in flexibility and fit whilst maintaining the distinctive advantages of the world’s most innovative swim racing and muscle compression technology.

Arena Powerskin carbon Flex

Specially designed for breaststroke, backstroke and mid-long distance freestyle swimmers. The Arena Powerskin Carbon Flex features a brand new V-flex system, and is the first product in the Arena family to incorporate this technology.

This racing suit system includes bonded and taped rear external seams to provide maximum range of motion and freedom of movement around the shoulders, hips and glutes. The V-Flex System moves the suit's seams away from the side of both men's and women's suits, to offer three specific benefits:

Hip flexion and freedom of movement: Seam placement creates a "flexline" across the hip flexors, offering less resistance during hip flexion on starts, turns, and breaststroke kicks. The system delivers complete freedom of movement around the hips, glutes, and shoulders, along with perfect fit and comfort.

Lifting effect: The rear seam creates a "tension line" between the two anchor points, limiting stretch on this line and having a lifting effect on the back of the legs. This helps to keep the legs high in the water during freestyle, and to keep the knees from dropping during breaststroke and butterfly.

Push off the wall: During the tumble turn, the tension line also helps with pushing off the wall.

The Carbon Flex suit is also a bit longer in the torso and leg, providing greater body coverage and reinforcing the effects of Intelligent Compression. All in all, it's a perfect complement to the Carbon Pro, offering a different set of benefits to match the swimmer's needs!

While offering the differencesdetailed  above, the Arena Powerskin Carbon Flex Racing Suit, like all products in the Arena POWERSKIN Carbon Series features the following benefits:

Intelligent Compression: High-stretch elastomer yarns woven with stiff, strong carbon fibres create a ‘lock-out’ effect. When a critical stretch level is reached, the fibres lock much like a car’s seat belt is locked when the vehicle experiences impact. With swimwear, the locking of the carbon fibres increases support and control where and when it’s needed. Simultaneously, the stretch fabric remains comfortable without compromising the swimmer’s mobility. The compression reduces muscle oscillation meaning that the power is focused in one direction and none lost through vibration.


Power Return: elastic bonding tape is strategically placed on the inside of the legs and the gluteal muscles. This delivers additional power through a “spring back” motion on each kick, dive and turn. The tape stretches as you push off, helping to give a better glide when you start, preserving its optimum fit and freedom of movement throughout. The tape also aids your pre-race warm up and stretching, so that you can conserve energy for when it's needed most– in the race.

Improved Surface Integrity: The high-performance fabric (190g/sqm), woven and reinforced with carbon fibre delivers unsurpassed strength-to-weight ratio for a balanced combination of speed and power. The incredible strength of this material translates into a tougher suit, with less chance of damage or tearing that can result from extreme stretching while putting the suit on. The swimsuit’s surface also maximizes drag reduction and optimizes water repellency.