Why Olympic Swimmers Wear Two Swimming Caps

Why Olympic Swimmers Wear Two Swimming Caps

In a sport where glory can be decided by a fraction of a second, swimmers often look for any advantage to cut through the water as efficiently as possible. 

If you have ever watched Olympic swimmers, you may notice that they are wearing two swimming caps. Ever wondered why? Let us explain.

The theory behind two caps is that it helps stabilise the swimmer’s goggles, and by covering up the exposed straps of the goggles, reduces drag in the water. They pair an inner latex cap with an outer silicone one.

The silicone cap doesn’t crinkle as much as the latex cap, so it smooths any lingering bumpiness on the head. Without adding the second cap, there could be more drag in the water as the silicone cap could wrinkle. This could be make or break in a world-class race.

So why don’t swimmers just wear a silicone cap if the latex one wrinkles? Latex caps stick to the head better, while silicone caps can slip off, which could cause trouble in the pool.

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