When To Start Your Childrens Swimming Lessons

When To Start Your Childrens Swimming Lessons

Starting swimming lessons can be a daunting task, even for the grown adult. But it is important for every child to know water survival skills as well as how to swim and keep them safe around water. Here is an age-by-age guide on swimming lessons for kids so you know what to expect and when it is best for you to get your children into swimming.

The simple answer is- the sooner the better.


Baby Swim Lessons

Many leisure centres and swimming pools offer mother and baby classes and these usually have a minimum age of six months although you can begin introducing your baby to water much earlier, beginning by making bath times fun at home.

From infancy to about age five, children’s “lessons” should be about building confidence and developing basic skills. Parents and carers are almost always in the water with the child to provide support and comfort. The classes should be pretty loose in structure and include a lot of:

- Splashing

- Kicking legs

- Laying on the back

- Reaching for toys, grown-ups, the wall

 - Blowing bubbles


Toddler Swim Lessons

Beyond infancy classes, toddler groups might also build some more advanced skills for kids who show more confidence, including:

- Swimming underwater

- Jumping in

- Climbing out without using the steps

- Floating face down

- Breastroke leg kick

- Fetching a sinker in shallow end of the pool

Like infant aquatics classes, classes for kids under 4 should include both parents and children so that both learn good water safety habits. A teacher will be able to provide you with a lot of useful guidance on how to support your child’s body to best help their development and sense of security.


Kids Swimming Lessons

Developmentally, most children are ready for formal swim lessons when they are about 4 years old. By this age, most children can coordinate their movements in order to swim strokes and kick their feet, which are the key skills needed for successful swimming. 

This will involve learning the basic movements in the different swimming strokes. Your child will be taught water safety including how to climb in and out of the pool and the instructor will use swimming aids to help your child to stay afloat.  

With so many avoidable injuries and deaths each year associated with young children who are unable to swim, swimming remains an essential life skill that every child should have access to learn.


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