Training Fins For Swimming – Demand more from your swim training equipment!

When swimmers talk, FINIS listens. There’s no better example than the innovative and technology driven improvements to the FINIS Z2 training fins.

What’s different, besides the colour, is the formula of the rubber. The all new FINIS Z2 Gold Zoomers have a soft rubber foot pocket that’s super comfortable on your feet, yet the blade is stiff which helps you train for a stronger, faster kick!

If you look at the Z2 from head-on you can see that the sides are curved down and the top side of the fin has a narrow ridge of material called a fluid separator. The downward curve and fluid separator channel excess water away from the top of the blade, which reduces drag and allows you to have a faster downward kick.


On the underside of the Z2 you’ll see two channels running along the outside edge, these vortex channels cause the fin to bend easier on the downward kick, and provide more resistance on the way back up.

The curved edges, the fluid separator and the channels all combine to eliminate the lag time between the movement of the foot and the action at the tip of the fin. The result is that the Z2 Zoomers make it feel like you’re kicking with just your feet, but they give you a whole lot more propulsion that just your feet!

The extra propulsion helps you achieve a higher body position and better body roll which lets you train with better technique for longer periods of time.


The Z2 is an exceptional training tool for freestyle where it can help you build a small, quick and steady kick.

The Z2 is also used in backstroke training, where it helps you build strength on the down kick as well as the up kick.

The Z2 makes it easier to swim butterfly correctly, a you can swim more butterfly without your stroke falling apart, and with less risk of shoulder injury.

The distinctive gold colour of the Z2 looks great in your gear bag and will make you feel like a champ in the water!

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Try this swim set with your training fins:


  • 400 freestyle
  • 200 kick with Z2 Zoomers Fins (alternate 50 on back, 50 on stomach)


  • 8×50 @ 10 sec. rest
    (second half of each repeat at 95 percent effort, getting heart rate up)

Endurance Set

  • 500 freestyle with Z2 Zoomers (kick steadily throughout the distance)
  • 300 backstroke with Z2 Zoomers (quads should be getting a good workout by this point)

Main Set

  • 400 freestyle @ 30 seconds rest, 80 percent effort
    (then put on Z2 Zoomers Fins)
  • 300 freestyle with Z2 Zoomers Fins @ 20 sec. rest, 90 percent effort
    (take off fins)
  • 200 freestyle easy recovery
    (now put on Zoomers)
  • 100 freestyle with Zoomers, 95 percent effort
    (take off fins)
  • 100 easy recovery
  • 100 sprint @ 100 percent effort (try to beat time from previous 95 percent-effort-100-with-Zoomers)


  • 500 kick with Z2 Fins
  • 200 easy swim

Sprint Set

  • 6×50 sprint with Zoomers @ 1:00 rest

Cool Down

  • 200

Total: 4,200 meters