Train Harder And Recover Faster - Compression Clothing For Swimmers

_LEX9667_ari_47158If you’re a swimmer then you’ll most likely already be familiar with the brand “Arena”. They’ve been a huge influence in the swimming world for many decades and are totally dedicated to all things swimming. We’ve just received delivery of their new men’s and women’s compression clothing for swimmers.

You may have experience with compression wear if you’re into triathlon, running, cycling or any other dryland fitness sports. Runners have taken to compression wear like a duck to water. They wear compression tights because of the support provided to their muscles and the increased blood circulation that compression can bring.

compression-info_2Sports and medical companies have spent years developing compression clothing, and with every passing year the technology within these technical garments just keeps improving! From medical compression socks that prevent deep vein thrombosis to the performance enhancing sports compression calf guard. Every year we’re seeing garments that are not only stronger, more durable and longer lasting, but also provide better support, help reduce the risk of injury and bring benefits that mean athletes can go further and faster for longer to reach their maximum potential.

The benefits really are quite incredible. The different between exercising with compression garments and without is quite incredible. Only in recent years has garment technology advanced enough to provide athletes with the support and enhancement they need to bring themselves to the next level. Athletes are now able to push themselves harder, and recover faster with the help of compression technology.

“Push yourself further and recover faster than ever before”

This brings me on to the subject of the new Arena Compression Top and Arena Compression Tights for men and women. These particular compression garments are for elite swimmers. Those of you who are in the pool many times a week and are competing in races / competitions regularly will really feel the benefit of owning one of these compression garments. The tops and tights are woven with carbon fibre strands, just like in Arena’s trademark racing swimsuit the Carbon pro, giving them strength whilst also keeping the garment incredibly lightweight.

Put on your Arena compression clothing after a tough workout in the pool to help your muscles to recover faster and you’ll be in much better shape ready for your next training session. Which, lets face it, is probably tomorrow morning.

Wear it during your dryland training to help prevent injury and improve your blood circulation.Improving the blood circulation has many benefits. If your blood is pumping around your body more efficiently then more oxygen is being carried to your muscles, allowing them to work harder AND by-products of exercise such as lactic acid and other nasty build-ups are whisked away from your muscles more quickly which helps to combat that stinging/sore feeling you can feel when you’re pushing yourself to the limit.ALEX7915_ari_mod_40062

A key aspect of the Arena compression tops and tights is the specially placed silicone strips. This is something you don’t get with all compression clothing, as far as I know this is quite a new development so Arena a bit ahead of the game on this one. The tape is placed in high risk injury zones and conforms to the contours of the body to provide added support in these key areas.


  • Carbon fibre infused fabric provides intelligent compression to enhance blood circulation and support muscles.
  • Silicon taping in targeted areas to focus additional compression and extra support to common sports injury zones.
  • Panels made from sensitive fabric for maximum comfort and muscle support.
  • Flock lining on ankles and wrist for optimal comfort, fit and feel against the skin.

arena-compressionThese are available now at ProSwimwear for all elite swimmers who are ready to push themselves further and take their swimming to the next level:

Mens Compression Top£118.49

Mens Compression Tights – £99.49

Womens Compression Top £118.49

Womens Compression Tights£99.49

(Prices correct at time of publication)