Time and Time Again: Top 4 Stopwatches for the Poolside


One of the most time-consuming aspects of timing your swim is… well, the timing. When you’re taking every second into account the last thing you want to worry about is the Stopwatch that you are using!

So, we’ve gathered our top 4 Stopwatch suggestions for your next swim so you can concentrate on the swimming and let the stopwatch keep track of time!

 1. Swimovate PoolMateSport Swimming WatchSwimovate PoolMateSport Swimming Watch

Our first stopwatch sensation for your consideration is the Swimovate PoolMateSport Swimming Watch! If you want to track your swim in a simple yet efficient way, then this could be the watch for you! It is a new modern design and with a large display screen and works with timing all of the major strokes straight from the box. 

Swimovate have incorporated NFC (Near Field Communications) into the design of the watch which allows easy syncing to iPhones, Androids, PC’s or Mac’s ! You will be able to view your swim data simply by holding the watch to whatever device you are using briefly!

This device can track laps, average strokes, speed, distance, time, calories and efficiency. The fantastic features don’t stop there either! It is water resistant to 50m and has a 24 hour clock with an alarm! It weighs 48g with a diameter of 46mm and wrist straps that fit from 14.5 to 21.5cm.

Don’t wait to add technology to your next timing!

 FINIS Swimsense Live2. FINIS Swimsense Live

Swimsense Live is a waterproof, fitness tracking device! It uses the clever technology of proprietary algorithms to give you the most accurate swim workout data. It is captures stroke count, total/pace, stroke count and so much more!

This device is designed for everybody, engineered to help beginners and elite swimmers. Its primary purpose is to optimise your time spent in the water. Therefore, it becomes the ideal training tool if you’re looking to build motivation. It will help you have healthy habits and keep making the most out of every swim!

A top quality stopwatch for swimmers who don’t stop.

Mad Wave Professional Stopwatch 100 Memory


3. Mad Wave Professional Stopwatch 100 Memory 

The Stopwatch100 is a highly professional piece of equipment to help elevate your next swim. It has some incredible features such as the fact it measures up to 10 hours by 1/100th second, has memory recall during operation and is water and shock resistant.

It also has the date and time at either 12 or 24hr, a CMOS & 3:OV lithium battery and alarm. This stopwatch is water resistant but safer on the surface and perfect for coaches timing your swim on the side lines.

Why wait to be great when you can start timing to perfection today?

 Fastime 01 Stopwatch

4. Fastime 01 Stopwatch

The Fastime 01 Stopwatch is a simple delight with a stopwatch that promises to deliver. It has one row of digits along it’s display screen and is excellent as a general-purpose stopwatch. It weights just 37g including the neck strap that is supplied! The contoured and symmetrical case allows you to hold comfortably in either hand.

The stopwatch has three modes and a one/two fast finish mode. Mode A counts up to 24 hours and times with 1/100th second for the first 30 minutes then in 1 second intervals, mode B shows you the time of day and Mode C provides you with an alarm setting function.

No more watching the clock when this multi-modal stopwatch can watch the time for you!


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