Top 5 Swimming Goggles of 2019

In this blog we will be presenting our top 5 Swimming Goggles of 2019! They are innovative, technological and all of them are FINA approved. These swimming goggles are designed to give you the optimum swimming experience.Arena Cobra Ultra

 1. Arena Cobra Ultra Mirrored Goggles 

The Arena goggles are the perfect companion for any competitor. These goggles are specifically designed to triumph against turbulent waters.

These swimming goggles are centred around giving you the best fit possible. They come with five nose pieces to personalise your comfort and security. They have a low profile with a hydrodynamic design that increases drag resistance in the water. As well as these features these amazing goggles have UV protected and Anti-Fog treated lenses. The lenses are extra wide and allow for an optimised peripheral vision in the water.Speedo Fastskin Speedsocket

 2. Speedo Fastskin Speedsocket 2 Mirrored Goggles

The Speedo goggles are the regenerated Speedsocket. With new and enhanced vision, you will see more than ever before.

They have engineered the goggles with a Hydroscopic Lens. This gives a profile which supports maximum peripheral vision with a minimum in head movement. They are designed to support interchangeable nose pieces which give you an individualistic fit. They can be used for both indoor and outdoor swimming because the mirror lenses reduce brightness and glare. It comes with an Anti-Fog coated lens which has 100% UV protection.

 3. TYR Velocity Goggles

If you want to out-perform the competition, then the TYR goggles could be the one for you. These high-performance are more streamlined than ever before.

Tyr Velocity GogglesThese swim goggles are made more comfortable by having a low silicone cushion gasket which guarantees a comfortable fit. The peripheral vision has been expanded so that you can have a wider view in the water to check out your competition! There are nose pieces so you can customise your fit, and easy adjustments for the straps. There is also full UVA/UVB protection. 

Speedo Fastskin Elite4.Speedo Fastskin Elite Mirrored Goggles

The Speedo goggles are made for the world’s top athletes. Engineered for racing these goggles are a technological triumph.

The features of these goggles include the advanced IQfit technology with the IQfit 3D goggle seal. This seal ensures a leak-free, secure fit for your swim with the bonus of reduced marks around the eyes. The IQfit goggle strap has a patented tensioning scale which gives the goggle a unique and personal fit. The mirror lenses reduce bright glare, which makes it ideal for not only racing but outdoor swimming too! The lens has a hydroscopic profile which optimises peripheral vision.

 5. Arena Cobra Ultra Swipe Mirrored Goggles Arena Cobra Ultra Swipe

The Arena goggles are a revolutionary solution to an age-old problem. Say goodbye to foggy goggles.

The incredible solution is the new Swipe Anti-Fog Technology. It works in such a way that when your goggles become foggy from swimming all you need to do to clear the lens is gently swipe the inner lens with your fingertip whilst the goggles are in the water. This grants you clear vision for a longer time. These are the ultimate goggles for racing with a hydrodynamic design assisting your glide in the water. These are great for competitive swimmers and non-competitive advanced swimmers.


Nike Vapor GogglesOnes to Watch  

A pair of goggles that have been in the spotlight recently are the Nike Vapor Performance Goggles. They have curved and oversized lenses with a lower profile which means you have an optimised field of view as well as a soft gasket for comfort, so the goggles don’t distract you from the race. The Nike Swift Track nose bridge has a quick and easy customisation. These are definitely a pair of goggles to keep your eyes on.


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