The World's Most Amazing Swimming Pools

awesome swimming pools

Looking for a swim with a view? Then these pools are sure to be on your bucket list!

From spectacular alpine and forest scenery to stunning city skylines, our choice of the world's most amazing swimming pools offer unrivalled backdrops.

We've trawled Instagram to find pictures the most awesome swimming pools the world has to offer. They are sure to take your breath away.

We all love to swim, and we all put countless hours and hard work into producing our best swimming performances.

But how cool would it be to reward ourselves with a chilled session in one of these pools?

If our list below has you reaching for your passport and suitcase, you may want to consider a holiday in Bali, Greece or Switzerland. Each of these countries feature twice, and offer the most incredible backdrops from snowy mountain peaks to vast open lakes.

Or you could check out the San Alfonso del Mar resort pool in Chile if you're still planning on putting the work in. Be prepared to test your endurance — it is the world's largest swimming pool, and one length is more than 1,000 yards!

10 Most Awesome Swimming Pools in the World


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