Why Do Thousands Of Swimmers Choose Speedo?

Speedo are one of the most renowned swimwear Brands in the world. They’re a regular sponsor for national teams at the Olympics and their gear has long been used by professionals. Their reputation is all for good reason – the company produce some of the highest quality swimwear out there on the market.

As a general rule, most Speedo products have low absorbency and are chlorine resistant, making them ideal for swimming pools. They’re also made to be very durable, using high-quality polyesters that react well in the water. Whilst Speedo is used by professionals and has become a fashionable brand, a lot of their swimwear is also very affordable. Unlike some sportswear brands that have gone on to specialise in high-end gear for athletes, much of Speedo’s merchandise caters for the everyday swimmer too.

At ProSwimwear we have plenty of Speedo products to choose from for all ages and abilities. By browsing through our site, you may be able to find the perfect swimwear suited to you.

Speedo Training Swimwear

The word ‘speedo’ has become synonymous with men’s swimming briefs, but these aren’t the only swimwear produced by the company. Women’s’ speedo leg suits are also popular amongst female professionals, made of the same material as men’s speedo products.

The company produces swimwear for all ages including Speedo boys swimwear and Speedo girls swimwear, perfect for kids wanting to get into competitive swimming.

There are also different types of swimwear for those with different preferences. For example, for women, there are swimsuits and kneeskins to choose from. For men, there is the choice of jammers, swim shorts, or even briefs.

Speedo’s range of training swimwear boasts an excellent level of quality, highly durable materials, comfortable features and some beautiful designs.

Speedo Performance Swimwear

One of the company’s most famous and unique swimwear products is the Speedo FastSkin range. The FastSkin range has been developed specifically for sport and has become a must-have amongst those racing professionally. Like other products, the FastSkin range caters for all ages and sexes.

The FastSkin performance suits offered by Speedo include the Racer Elite 2 and the Racer X, both offering excellent competitive advantages and a variety of colour variations. Speedo has developed the Racer elite 2 and Racer X suits alongside professional athletes and used their experience and opinions to develop the perfect racing suit. The compressive abilities combined with top spec features make Speedo’s performance suits some of the most popular in the competitive swimming world!

At ProSwimwear we have been lucky enough to collaborate with Speedo to create our very own range of Racer Elite 2 and Racer X suits, only available at ProSwimwear.

Speedo's performance isn't just limited to adult swimmers, Speedo has developed FINA approved performance racing suits designed for junior swimmers. The Speedo FastSkin Endurance+ range for Boys and Girls is perfect for first-time competitors looking for a high-performance suit, suitable for younger swimmers. 

Speedo’s performance range not only consists of racing suits, every competitive swimmer also needs a racing cap and goggles. The FastSkin range of accessories boasts just as many great features and scientific development as their racing suits. The most popular of Fastskin accessories are the Fastskin Elite Goggles. Featuring customisable colour schemes, mirrored lenses, excellent protection and most importantly, a fast, low profile fit!

Speedo Accessories & Training Aids

On top of traditional swimwear, Speedo also produces a number of swimming accessories. Speedo swim bags are a popular accessory for those wanting an excellent luggage solution for their swimming trips, speedo bags such as the teamster rucksack are packed full of features aimed at swimmers, such as wet/dry sections, goggle pouches, bottle holders and the teamster rucksack even features a cushioned seat for long days sat poolside!
Speedo’s training aids are ideal for swimmers of all levels, lower tier swimmers might find aids such as the Biofuse paddles a useful addition to their arsenal, whereas more seasoned elite level swimmers might want to opt for the more expensive FastSkin Hand paddle!

So if it's your first swimming lesson, or you're on the blocks for a national championship, Speedo will have you covered from day one! This is why thousands of swimmers trust Speedo to provide all of the essentials for their time in the water.