The Wetsuit Wonder: Aqua Sphere Pursuit 2.0

Aqua Sphere has been a prominent manufacturer of all things water since 1998. Whether you need swimming, triathlon or aquatic exercise equipment they have got everything that you could need.

One of their most recent endeavours has been the Aqua Sphere 2.0. The suit has been repurposed with enhanced comfort for your next swim. It has numerous new features and materials that bring a regenerated feel to a classic wetsuit.

 Bio-Stretch Zone

The Aqua Sphere Pursuit 2.0 has a bio-stretch zone that is purposefully placed 2mm panels. These are situated under the arms and at the lower back. They provide access to the optimum range of motion.

 Aqua Drive

Aqua Sphere Pursuit 2.0 Wetsuit

The wetsuit has an Aqua Drive core body panel. This panel spans over 4mm and optimises buoyancy. As well as this, the drag is reduced to ensure that you have maximum glide and total freedom of movement when you swim.

 Thermo-Guard Technology

Another incredible feature is the Thermo-Guard technology. This is designed to help retain heat no matter the conditions or water you are swimming in. It is strategically placed on the legs, shoulders and chest to provide core heat preservation.

 Quick Release

The transition is made easier than ever. Part of the design is having quick-release ankle transition panels integrated into the suit. They appear in a horseshoe-cut design which ensures improvement in your transition time.

 Aqua-Flex Collar Seal

One of the final features of the wetsuit is the Aqua-Flex Collar Seal. This is purposefully designed to ensure the suit lets in as little water as possible. This also targets to reduce the chaffing restriction.


The Aqua Sphere Pursuit 2.0 is not a suit to be missed. With an abundance of features designed to enhance not only your experience in the water, but your transition to out of water, this could be the wetsuit that you need for your next Triathlon.

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