NEW IN: The Supreme Swimming Smart Watch from Swimmo

ProSwimwear are welcoming SWIMMO to the family! They are a brand that has released an incredible new smart watch that will completely change the way you swim. It is highly technological, functional and a helpful swimming companion.


Introducing Swimmo

Swimmo are a hi-tech company focused on helping you become as knowledgeable as you can about your own swimming habits. Knowing more can help you swim at your optimum level, which is what Swimmo are trying to help you achieve.

The watch will allow you to analyse your swimming habits, find where you need to improve and see where you are strongest. With a swimming smart watch that counts your laps, monitors your speed and pace you are free to focus on you.


The Swimmo Smart Watch Swimmo

The Smart Watch from Swimmo is the technological swimming companion that will guide you to be the best swimmer you can be. Three of the main features of this watch are:

  • Intensity Control – The smart watch can monitor your heart rate. It tells you when you need to slow down making sure that your intensity is always just right in accordance with your heart rate.
  • Pace Keeper – The watch has a special vibration feature which alerts you as to when you need to speed up and slow down. Understand what you need without needing to look at the smart watch.
  • Training Guide – You have full control over your training. This swimming watch helps you not only to reach your goals but to surpass them.


Monitor your swim

The swimming watch has numerous features that allows you to monitor your swimming workout down to the last detail. You won’t miss a beat when you have the Swimmo smart watch. It can tell you:

  • Laps – An automatic counter of how many laps you do. Counting so you don’t have too.
  • Distance in Metres or Yards – All you have to do is choose your preference in distance and the watch does the rest.
  • Swimming Pace/Speed – Keeping pace is important, and this watch can guide you to keep the exact pace you need at all times.
  • Duration & Lap Times – It records how far you have swum and in what time so you can look back on it when you need too.
  • Heart Rate – One of the most important features. It monitors your heartrate to keep you swimming at the perfect intensity.
  • Calories – It also monitors how many calories you have burnt so you can see the results of your workout.


App Happy Swimmo

One of the most helpful aspects of this smart watch is that you can connect it to an app that allows you to see your progress on your phone. You can use the app to set swimming goals with a training guide, allowing you to choose duration, distance or how many calories you want to burn in your next workout.

It has a feature where you can challenge yourself by outdoing your personal best. You can find your best times, and with the ability to see what went well and what you could improve each swim can be a challenge against yourself. There is also a fun feature where you can challenge others. Whether it is your friend or someone nearby, you can challenge each other in your swims through the app.


The Swimmo Swim Smart Watch is an example of a technological triumph and truly has the power to transform the way that you swim. The Swimmo watch comes in three sleek and modern colours, so all you have to do is choose your favourite! Visit the Swimmo page to find out more.


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