How Swimming Promotes A Healthy Body And A Healthy Mind

Today we are taking a moment to appreciate all the ways in which swimming, whether it is competitive, fitness, training or for leisure, promotes a healthy body and mind. Swimming is a hobby that can take you out of the fast-paced world for some time (even if your swimming is intense!) and allow you to focus on you, and the water.

We appreciate swimming every day, and here are the ways in which it is a source of joy and healthiness in life.


It’s funSpeedo Model

One of the most obvious things about swimming is that it’s fun. It’s a unique experience every time you swim and not something that you can get bored of very easily! Swimming comes in a variety of fun, including racing, diving, waterpolo, and open water! With such a variety in swimming it doesn’t get boring – and there is something for everyone who wants to swim.


Swimming is also very good for your body and an enjoyable way to get exercise into your life!  Even a half an hour swim can burn up to 250 calories! It’s a fun and safe way to exercise as swimming is impact free! There are other benefits such as the level of stretching involved and the aerobic qualities that come with swimming too.


One of the amazing things about swimming is the shared love for it. Having this in common with other people can bring about the start of long-lasting friendships. Swimming teams are the foundations for countless friendships alongside sharing classes with other swimmers, or even sharing a lane in a pool! Everyone swims because they enjoy it, and the pool can be a relaxing  place for people to go. Being able to share then enjoyment of swimming with other people can create special friendships that mean as much as the swimming itself.

Doing Something You Love

Swimming is an activity that people love. There is something extraordinary about swimming, that is so different to other sports and activities. Being in the water is something that draws people in, and it is something people love throughout their lifetime. Even on the tough and tiring days it is the deep-rooted love for being in the water that keeps people getting in over and over again. The love for swimming is a constant source of joy for people. Even when the waters are harsh, the love remains.


This blog is dedicated to World Mental Health Day on the 10th of October and is a reminder to find things that you enjoy in life, like swimming, and keep that source of joy with you.

Outside of the water, it's always important to take a step back, enjoy the relationships in your life, to practice staying healthy and have fun.

So, remember to consider yourself and your needs both inside and outside of the water.


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