A Shore Guide To Swim Safety: The Swim Secure Starter Kit

In this Blog Post we will look at Swim Secures’ incredible Swim Secure Starter Kit that can help make your journey into Open Water swimming a safe one!

Swim Secure has a great range of products for open water dry-bags and tow floats in the UK. The company was founded by Colin Hill who has a better depth of open water swimming knowledge than most. He is a successful open water swimmer who is not only an English Channel Soloist, but he became the first male in the UK to officially complete the Ice Mile. As well as being a swimmer Colin was a Technical Operations Manager for the London Olympic Games in 2012. This impressive resume reflects the quality of the Swim Secure products as Colin himself has literally gone the distance!


The products in Swim Secures’ Starter Pack includes…


The Famous Tow Float

The Tow Float included in this starter pack gives you visibility when swimming. It simply and safely secures you with a durable waist strap. It is also adjustable which ensures your float is out of your way and drag free. It has a double airbag which with easy inflation can provide you with a place to rest during your swim!

The Bright Bubble Hat

A swim secure Swim Cap is essential to make you stand out for safety. The bright, luminous orange that is signature of Swim secure makes others aware of your presence. The sizing is large to ensure a comfortable fit, and it is made from tear resistant and durable silicone to ensure that safety isn’t temporary.

The Bum Bag

No collection is complete without a Waterproof bum bag that keeps belongings dry and safe. There is a triple lock system with a Velcro flap creating a portable vault for your valuables!

Safety Whistle

Any safety starter pack should include a whistle! This whistle gives you an extra layer of security knowing that it will draw attention should you find yourself in an emergency. It is dual toned for added effectiveness.

Keep it all safe with the Kit Bag!

The final product in the Swim Secure starter pack is the Kit Bag! A Kit Bag is the final part of the pack and the best keep it safe accessory to store the entire contents of this starter pack! Just like ProSwimwear’s Swim Secure Starter pack we and the kit bag like to keep it safe!


Other ways to Swim Secure…

The brilliant brand Swim Secure has enabled the starter pack to exist for the safety of swimmers. Swim Secure stock other products on ProSwimwear designed for safety and wellbeing. The Swim Secure Hydration Float is a Tow Float with a storage pocket for a 650ml drinks bottle so that you can stay hydrated. There is also the Swim Secure Tow-Donut that has an integrated pouch to keep valuables like your keys and phone safe when open water swimming.

ProSwimwear also stock a variety of wetsuits for men and wetsuits for women and numerous accessories for not only open water swimming but also triathlon and swimrun so you can swim safely and happily.

Swim Secure


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