Use Short Training Fins To Build Endurance And Speed

During your swim training, swimming with a long fin could be reducing the full potential of your workout. The large surface area of long swim fins gives a great amount of forward propulsion, allowing the swimmer to move with little effort. Long fins are useful in many ways during training, but the long blade fin is not always the best option for creating muscular endurance. Short training fins like the FINIS Zoomers demand a faster kick rate and a higher intensity, resulting in a different, and more specific range of benefits for the swimmer.

2.35.004-Image-UsageThe Z2 Zoomers are designed with a short blade that allows hyper flexion and encourages smaller / faster kicks. This movement strengthens the hamstrings and glutes over time. Often swimmers will discount the force of the up-kick and only limit their focus on the force of the down-kick. To develop an efficient kick, a swimmer must give the same force to both directions of the kicking motion. The specially designed “flex box” found on the bottom of the Z2 helps to catch the water, in order to work on the up-kick as well as the down-kick.

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